When You Decide to Sing for Your Entire Facebook Family

Just last week I was challenged by a friend and fellow worship team singer to post a video of me singing “Amazing Grace / My Chains Are Gone” on Facebook as a way of bringing praise to God, encouraging my faith and the faith of others, and to spread positivity on the forefront of everyone’s timeline.

I have spent years on stage at my home church, singing and acting in Christmas plays and taking on lead roles, but singing out loud when you’re a college kid (or college grad, now) is more intimidating! Especially when it’s on a huge social media site. But I felt compelled, for some crazy reason, to follow through.

What amazes me about this whole process is the fact that when I sang, I focused my attention on the meaning behind my singing and got this absolute sense of peace. I wasn’t nervous at all. It wasn’t and still isn’t about me or my voice, it is about something bigger–praising God.

Lately I’ve been thinking more about my faith, especially as it has been challenged by people and circumstances around me. A year ago now, I got my first tattoo, a quote that I created and was actually the original inspiration behind the name of this blog. In my tattoo, there is a hidden reference to my faith–she makes the pavement her pages, she writes through word and sole–and the ‘word,’ to me, means writing but also the Word, the Bible, the foundation of my faith. Singing “Amazing Grace” really put me back in  touch with the feelings of faith and strength in times of shakiness. I hope this video can encourage others as much as it encouraged me in singing it.