20 Questions Every Female (Secretly) Asks Herself Before Her First Day Of College

1. OMG…what am I doing?

2. Did I pick the right school?

3. Am I living too close to home?

4. Am I living too far away?

5. Will I get homesick?

6. What if I don’t find friends?

7. What if my roommate is an absolute crazy freaking weirdo?

8. Is it, like, totally embarrassing to bring a map around campus on the first day?

9. What if I can’t find my classes?

10. Are there any cute boys?

11. HOLY SH*T. What if there’s a cute boy on my floor?!

12. Is it acceptable to bring your stuffed animals with you to college…?

13. Where do I buy alcohol? WHO’S GONNA BUY ME ALCOHOL?

14. Am I going to survive this dorm life thing?

15. Should I try to meet people? What if they don’t like me?

16. Okay, so, is it acceptable to wander around campus and try to figure out where I need to go on Monday…or…?

17. Did I actually pack what I need to survive these next few months?? What if I forgot something!!!??

18. Should I tell my parents to leave? Is it embarrassing that they’re still here?

19. Do I seriously shower in there?

20. OMG is the freshman fifteen a real thing??