I AM a Writer.

They say that to be a good writer, you have to write. Well, yeah. It sounds so simple…but it’s easier said than done.

Why write when there are grocery lists to make, dinners to attend, when friends are gathering for a bonfire, when the house needs to be cleaned, when homework has to be finished, when the dog needs a walk, when you need a manicure…. The list goes on.

Instead of writing we make excuses. We come up with reasons why we can’t, why there’s just not enough time, why we will later. But there isn’t a ‘later’ it’s just a ‘too late’.

I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer. The big question for me is when. When will I become what I’ve always known I can be? The answer is now. It starts like this: I am a writer.

Okay, that’s a good step. But what next? Well, it’s getting out there. It’s eliminating the fear. So much of our potential is lost in fear. We waste so much time debating whether or not we should do something; we hold ourselves back from that rollercoaster, that new recipe, from chasing the ones we love, from saying what we really mean.

Step 1: Write.
Step 2: Eliminate the fear.

Who cares if people don’t like what I have to say? If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Right? There’s negativity everywhere. Filter it out. Focus on the positive energy. Don’t hold back. Write.

3 thoughts on “I AM a Writer.

  1. Marisa, thanks for following my blog. I agree with everything you say in this post except “Eliminate the fear.” I don’t think that’s possible. What we can eliminate is letting the fear freeze us in our tracks. What we can do is make fear our ally, because fear keeps us alert to what’s new, real, and true inside us, and outside us. Following the clues our fears give us bring us into excitement and empowerment. I wish you a fulfilling and exciting career in writing!


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