Thinking about Memoir – 8/26/14

Write a story that matters. Well, yeah. That makes sense. But what matters to people? See, that’s my struggle. Sitting in my creative non-fiction workshop, I find myself scanning over my life like it’s a flip picture book. I’ve had a pretty decent life. No close family deaths. No major injuries or surgeries. There was that one time in early high school when I had a vaso-vagal reaction to a shot of pain medication and passed out—my parents said I got so gray-faced they thought I was going to die. Then there was that other time I reacted to the dye from my hip MRI and threw up and passed out—again, near death. But nothing serious actually happened. Those are probably the two most traumatic moments in my life. But, who cares? How do you find something that people will actually want to read, and what makes a story that’s important to you, important to anyone else?


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