The Self-Empowerment Selfie

Live Free, Live Healthy

I’m a big believer in selfies. Always have been. Seriously! I don’t think there’s anything bad about snapping a quick-pic to celebrate how you’re feeling in a specific moment. And think about it…when are the prime selfie-taking moments? When you’re in a good mood rather than bad, right? You’re not going to snap a pic of you crying because you couldn’t get to see the polar bears in their new zoo exhibit, right? (Those we save for Snapchat).

A serious selfie is going to be the Holy-Sh*t-I’m-on-the-Ledge-of-the-Grand-Canyon Selfie. Or the This-Is-Me-With-Luke-Bryan Selfie. The real-deal.

So there’s really not a bad time, when you’re feeling positive, to take a selfie. You don’t just have to capture the craziest, best moments of your life. You can capture the little things, too. Like the Post-Workout Selfie. Or the Heading-to-the-Gym Selfie. Or my personal favorite, I’m-Feeling-Good-Today Selfie:


This is what I call the Self-Empowerment…

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