If, Love

Ask for love, and the sky will unveil itself layer by layer
— Lauren Alleyne, “If, Sky”

Wish to know

and the flowers will open their velvet petals,

pollen sprinkled across their edges

—loves me, loves me not.

Ask for something tangible, a touch

light, cool—a dusting of snow

melting in fingertips.

Ask for a person

hold a thin, orange leaf,

the coming of autumn as the sun

still warms. Remaining leaves

stubborn, spinning

in the wind. Not yet ready

to fall.

If, Love, I could ask

for you

as I trace lines of poetry

the curve of my lips

would you come

to me in a summer wind,

in a thin layer of rain,

in the blue ribbons of sky?

Would you reveal yourself to me?

Opening for the sun, breaking

through the clouds

A promise of what will come.


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