Quit It You Scrooges, I Love The Snow

Ever open your Facebook news feed and scroll by picture after picture of freshly-fallen snow with the caption: “NOOOOO” or “OHMIGAWD SNOW” followed by three sad-face emojis?

Ever want to reach your arm through the screen and smack that person upside the head?


What is it with the anti-snow? Snow means sledding. Snow means cute holding hands and kisses under the white pine trees. Snow means hot chocolate and breath in clouds and caroling and romantic walks through parks that look like winter wonderlands. It’s beautiful.

The snow brings back memories for me—my dog pulling my little sister in a sled down the block, my first-ever-fourth-grade-crush and I making ramps at the hill by the elementary school, snow-tubing with college friends, snowball fights outside the middle school, Christmas morning—I have grown up in this snow, loved this snow, embraced this snow for twenty-two years.

And it drives me crazy when people hate on it. Sure, it sucks sometimes. And yes, I’ll be the first one to admit that snow from November to late March is WAY TOO LONG. But the winter fluff is beautiful. It’s effortless. It’s a gentle, white blanket that silences the world, makes you go a little slower, breathe a little deeper, appreciate a warm mug of hot chocolate just a little more. Is it really that bad? (Ask me again in April.)