20 Simple And Wonderful Things That Happen When You Start Loving Yourself

1. You look in the mirror, and smile.

2. You appreciate that little birthmark on your cheek.

3. You wiggle your toes.

4. You pull out those heels you tucked in the back of your closet, and you rock them.

5. You admire your nails.

6. You notice your leg muscles.

7. You try a new hairstyle.

8. You sing along to a song on the radio, super loud.

9. You take a post-workout selfie.

10. You take an all-natural, no-filter selfie and post it on Instagram.

11. You wear less makeup.

12. You admire your muscles in the mirror.

13. You smile. More. And at random things.

14. You laugh because life just makes you do that sometimes.

15. You make a list of all you want to accomplish.

16. You create a bucket list and tuck it in your planner.

17. You decorate your room, or your journal, or the empty wall in your bedroom, just because.

18. You call a loved one and fill their day with happiness.

19. You give something away because it fells good to give.

20. You hum your favorite song.

21. You go on a walk or run.

22. You open your windows, and invite the sun in, even if it’s cold.

23. You start to see your natural beauty.

24. You organize your closet.

25. You write down a positive quote.

26. You nod at your reflection.

27. You think of what you’re thankful for.

28. You feel genuine happiness.

29. You let go of pain.

30. You see how beautiful your life can be, if you let it.


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