I Thought Of My Nana Today


I tried on a shirt this morning, something cable-knit and thick, something that reminded me of winter afternoons and drinking hot chocolate on the porch of my house back home. As I pulled it over my shoulders, I was reminded, suddenly, of my late grandmother. One whom I can only remember from pictures. One who slipped away from our family, away from our lives, away away from this earth all too soon.

I’m not sure what made me think of her. It’s been a few years now since her passing. I guess, really, I’m still not sure if she loved me. She was only a part of our lives when I was young.

Maybe the feeling I had was guilt, fresh and biting on a cold, silent morning. Maybe it was longing for a relationship I’d never really known. Or maybe it was the way a sweater feels on warm skin, somehow unconsciously bringing me back to being a one-year-old again, those wrinkled hands pulling me in close for a hug.

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