15 Signs You’re A Boss Lady Who Dresses For Herself And No One Else

This article was originally posted on Thought Catalog

1. It takes you 5 minutes or less to get ready.

(And not because you roll out of bed and wear your pj’s all day.) From casual sweats to a classy blouse, you wear what you feel and you rock it with confidence.

2. Solo shopping is preferred.

A mall date with your girls is always fun, but you’re perfectly okay on your own (if not more productive). You can stroll at your own pace, pick out exactly what you want, get in, try on, and get out.

3. Dressing for a date doesn’t give you anxiety whatsoever.

Just another day, another outfit.

4. You’ve never been one to send a dressing room selfie to the group chat.

You know when you look good. No need for the label of approval, even from the besties.

5. You own several taller-than-all-the-boys pairs of heels.

And you really don’t care, even if they limit your dating prospects. They’re cute heels. And you’re one hot giantess.

6. There’s a certain type of clothing that your friends identify as ‘so you’.

And that’s because you have your own, unique style.

7. You’ve either been accused of ‘bumming it too much’ or ‘making us all look bad’ at least once in your life.

You’re comfortable chillin’ yoga pants and a hoodie when you need a lazy day (or week). And you can doll up and dress up (in 5 min. or less) for multiple days in a row. Haters gonna hate.

8. You’ll wear white all year long, thank you very much.

And Crocs, too.

9. You have at least one completely crappy article of clothing that you totally wear in public.

And that article of clothing (probably sweatpants) is your favorite and super comfy, so who cares if the bottoms are ripped and there’s a hole in the pocket?!

10. You really don’t give a sh*t about what’s ‘hot’ or ‘in’ or ‘trending’ right now.

And you probably never will.

11. You’ll ‘season push’ whatever the hell you feel like.

From shorts when it’s 50 degrees to scarves in the summer. Your world.

12. Your closet varies from sporty to girly to trendy to chill.

You don’t have a set style. You wear what feels good, what makes sense for what you’re doing, and what you like, from floral print dresses to leather jackets and fishnets.

13. You never understood why the whole day-to-night thing is a big deal.

You have no problem strutting your stuff in the same outfit all day (unless it’s a post-workout outfit).

14. You don’t take your outfits (or yourself) too seriously.

Silly hat, Hello Kitty shirt, a pair of overalls—they’re just clothes.

15. You only have one rule for getting dressed.

And the rule is that there aren’t any.


Featured Image Credit: Enrico Carcasci


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