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23 Things I Don’t Tell You Enough

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  1. I like the way your hair looks. Sandy brown, sticking up in places, just long enough to pull into a pony tail.
  2. I’m thankful that you eat ice cream, and that you love mint chocolate chip, too. I love that you’ll never turn down a scoop for dessert, even if we’re both full. And I love when you make a big bowl for the two of us, with just one spoon.
  3. You still make my tummy feel that nervous fluttery thing, especially when you surprise me at work.
  4. I love when you talk to me, especially at night before I fall asleep—just about your family, your friends, something you read on Facebook—it makes me feel important and connected to you. And then I always have good dreams.
  5. You give the best back scratches.
  6. It means so much to me when you text me little things throughout the day. Even if I’m busy, just to let me know you were thinking about me.
  7. I love when you dress nice, especially in a suit jacket.
  8. You have the cutest smile.
  9. I’m thankful that you do the dishes when I cook. Because there’s nothing I hate more than having to rinse off plates when my tummy’s full.
  10. I do notice when you give me the soft pillow. Thank you.
  11. Your laugh makes me happy. There’s something about it—the way your face lights up, the way you sound so genuinely satisfied with life—I love making you laugh.
  12. My favorite thing is when you kiss my forehead.
  13. You matter to me. In the way my puppy matters to me, in the way my writing matters to me, in the way my family matters to me—you are a huge part of my life, and I like that.
  14. I appreciate the little things you do for me, like hold my hand when I’m crying or tuck the fuzzy blanket around me when I’m cold.
  15. You’re the perfect height. Just tall enough for tip-toe kisses.
  16. I’m thankful for the dates you take me on. The simple ones to Subway, or my favorite ones to the Mexican restaurant where I can eat chips and queso until I explode. I love that you never tease me about what I eat. That you understand I love food. And that you love food just as much as I do.
  17. You are amazing at soccer and I love watching you play.
  18. I love how you are with animals and little kids, just so tender and sweet. It melts my heart.
  19. I think it’s awesome that we like the same kind of music.
  20. You rock at cuddling.
  21. I love you.
  22. I’m thankful that you wrote your number with highlighter on my arm ten months ago, even though I couldn’t read it, because it lead to us talking and falling for each other.
  23. I’m a lucky girl.

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