9 Things Only Curly-Headed Girls Can Understand

girl with curly hair

1. The Tarzan-style tangles.

No matter what calming product, how many brushes, or even if it’s slicked back in a ponytail—somehow, some way there will be tangles. Ughhh.

2. Is that a grey hair!? Nevermind, just hair product.

Yep, having a head full of curls means a hefty quantity of curling gel…aka the occasional clumps of white/grey goo all up in your hair. Gross.

3. The never-ending bad hair days.

Just when you think you’ve got the part right, just when you’re ready for the cute team pictures…think again. Because the curls are all frizzing up and you look like a cross between a poodle and a mop.

4. Hair. In. The. Mouth.

When you wakeup, when you brush your teeth, when you lean over your bowl of cereal. Hair. Everywhere.

5. The hair band casualties.

Seriously though, where do all the hair ties, hairbands, scrunchies, and bows go???

6. The tragic messy bun.

Those workout magazines with the girls and their perfect buns? Nope, not real. Your curls will never look like that. Good try, though.

7. Running out of shampoo, like, on the daily.

Okay, just kidding. But you seriously go through your hair care stuff fast AF.

8. Taking 297,034 hours to blow dry or straighten the beast.

And this is a two-part process that requires at least a solid hour of your time. Want to get ready before school or work? Just forget it.

9. The shedding. Everywhere.

Oh, were you in the middle of talking to someone? You probably shed a few hairs on their important papers. Trying to cuddle with a BF? Yep, he’s covered. (You’re like a little sheep dog.) And don’t even get me started with the showers. You’re basically clogging the drain.