A Little Sass

Because I’m a little sassy at times.

Strong Women Don’t Intimidate Men, Strong Women Empower Them - Strong men aren't, and shouldn't be, intimidated by strong women because a woman's strength has no bearing on who a man is, or what his role is, or what he is capable of. Because a strong woman does not emasculate a man. Continue reading
Upon Stumbling Across A Website That Copied My Writing Word-For-Word - It's so frustrating to know that I'm pouring my heart out, that I'm writing honestly and emotionally, that I'm being vulnerable and open and real, and that someone's copying it, pretending that it's their words, their confessions, their heart. Continue reading
Quit It You Scrooges, I Love The Snow - Ever open your Facebook news feed and scroll by picture after picture of freshly-fallen snow with the caption: “NOOOOO” or “OHMIGAWD SNOW” followed by three sad-face emojis? Continue reading
This Is How to Be a Girl: - They said wear pink because that’s what girl babies wear tie your hair with ribbons when it’s long enough clip it back away from your eyes Continue reading
Who Are We to Judge - No one’s perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Even if what happened was an active choice, something that is truly this person’s fault, it’s for the people involved to judge. It’s for the law to judge. It’s for God to judge. Continue reading
I Hate Holding Back - The worst thing about writing is people's reactions. You want to say what's on your mind...the actual nitty gritty, imperfect details. Continue reading
Confessions of a Foodie - I love food, I don't do well with diets, and even though I work out plenty I don't have good self control when it comes to meals. Since I've been visiting my boyfriend for vacation in California though, its the only thing I've heard. Every bite, every second I want to nap over workout, every morsel food I shuffle around my plate. Continue reading
Thoughts on Lollipops - I hate the lollipops with ooey chocolate or loses-its-flavor-in-two-minutes bubblegum. Continue reading