A Prompt A Day

Because sometimes we just need to be inspired and write whatever comes to mind first.

The Strength Of A Heart - That beating muscle in our chest is so strong, maybe even the strongest we have. Continue reading
thankful. - Maybe these words I’m writing today have no real meaning. Maybe they’re just spewed thoughts typed to a page. But it feels healing, in some way, just to say them. Continue reading
Thinking About Trust - Trust is a fragile thing. I think I’ve always known that. Continue reading
Write About Touch - When I think about the word, ‘touch,’ a thousand memories flip through my mind. It’s like one of those kaleidoscopes I used to play with as a child, where you could turn the lens and suddenly specks of every color would fill your vision. Continue reading
Thinking About Change - I've been thinking about change a lot lately. Maybe it's because I’m embracing what I’ve always feared the most—that nothing will ever stay the same. Continue reading
When Someone Asked Me If I’m Defined By My Words - Recently someone asked me about my writing: Is it weird that you're defined by what you write? And that question stopped me for a moment. I guess I never saw it that way. Continue reading
Favorite Spring Memory: - My favorite spring memory is one that I do not remember. Continue reading
Write about temptation: - I am tempted by the unforeseen, the way a beach wave sounds crashing into sand, the apartment in the heart of San Jose, bustling with feet and smells of fresh stirfry, or the future, like this open country field stretching out for miles and miles, the wheat honey-gold in the sunset. Continue reading
The Pull of Opposites - Today, I’m sitting in the shade. A bright green tree lends a branch to cover the cement pillar where I sit. There are steps leading down to a grassy area where a couple lays side by side, reading books. It is beautiful how they rest there, together, but alone. I like that idea. Continue reading
Don’t Think Just Write Challenge - Over and over again, I’ve heard the same advice. To be a writer, you have to write. It sounds simple. And it is simple, really. Continue reading
The Storm – ‘write your poem backwards challenge’ - Fragile, like a rainbow we share this moment: two spoons, two scoops mint chocolate chip a truce. Continue reading