Trust Your Inner Voice (You Know More Than You Think)

If I were to summarize my entire twenties in a single sentence, I’d have to say that (so far) they’ve been about searching for what’s inherently within me. Okay, I know that sort of sounds like this big, philosophical statement, but what I really mean is that I’ve been unlearning all that doesn’t sit right with me and relearning what I feel, believe, think, and love.

I’ve been discovering the parts of my life and my soul that have been a crucial part of who I am without trying, without yearning, without changing myself to fit someone else’s desired role or mold.

So much of our lives, honestly, is about searching. We’re constantly looking for someone to love, for a path to follow, for a dream to chase. We’re looking for answers about what our purpose is, what we’re meant to do, and who, at the end of the day, we’re becoming.

Searching isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a natural part of our lives. We’re supposed to be looking for answers. We’re not supposed to be standing still. It’s when we get distracted by so many other people’s dreams or when we fall off our own path striving to feel or be something we’re not—that’s when we lose our way.

In life it’s so easy to get caught up in the wrong thing. It’s so easy to say ‘yes’ to things that don’t quite mesh with what we believe, or say no to what does by accident. It’s so easy to walk the same line as our friends, getting caught up in their laughter or mistakes. It’s so easy to jump into situations and opportunities for fear of getting left behind or for being too excited in the moment. It’s so easy to settle because we don’t quite know our worth or because we don’t know any better about what’s out there, about what’s coming.

But learning to quiet the sounds of the world and listen to what I’m actually feeling, thinking, and resonating with has been the single most important lesson of my life. Continue reading

Recognize Your Potential, And Then Wildly Pursue It

Life is all about chances, and empowering yourself—despite the obstacles that may stand in your way—to take them. Every single one. Continue reading

Just As You Are, You Are Enough

You are enough. Enough for the beautiful things of this world. Enough for the laughter, for the love that you deserve. Enough for the blessings that will come to you, sometimes when you least expect. Enough, even in the hardest moments, because who you are is filled with the strength and resilience to overcome.

You are enough—enough power, enough love, enough spirit, enough passion, enough of everything you so often convince yourself you lack. Continue reading

7 Reasons Emotionally Intelligent Women Make The Best Lovers

1. They know how to use both their heart and their head.

Emotionally intelligent women aren’t the type to get wrapped up in lust, or hastily make a choice based on an in-the-moment connection or feeling. Instead, they use a combination of their heart and their mind—instincts, but also thinking things through.

When it comes to relationships, emotionally intelligent women are unafraid to pursue what feels right, but still assess their situation. Instead of holding their feelings back, they know how to express their emotions intentionally and logically, and when it comes to taking a chance, they jump in with a mix of both fearlessness and brains. Continue reading

Maybe To Truly Live You Must Remember Your Impermanence

I still remember the bright glimmer of the Lake Tahoe water reflected back with a shine in the whites of our eyes. We were sharing the same extra-large towel, two bodies only having met a few hours earlier, connected under that warm summer sun. This moment I remember so vividly—his long hair tossed over broad, tanned shoulders; the light warming our faces; the sound of his laugh. It was love, yes, but in the strangest way. It wasn’t that I wanted to lean in and kiss him, to draw his body closer to mine. It’s that I wanted to hold his heart in my hands, lay there and just listen to the sound of his voice.

I loved who he was as a person, I loved his soul.

He had turned to me, pouring stories of his past. I could tell by the way his eyes looked away over the water that he was heartbroken—he didn’t have to say her name for me to know.

He was dying—epilepsy—every seizure taking his strength, but not his heart.

I watched the way his mouth moved, comforted by the sound. And in that moment, I did not have words. I just listened. Realizing that he, even with his numbered days, knew far more about living than I did. Continue reading

I Hope You Shine

On days where darkness feels like all you know, I hope you find the light within you and let it burst forth from your chest. I hope you cast away every doubt and hesitation and stand firm in your truth.

You are here for a reason. You are a complex collection of cells, molded together with intention and care before you even touched this earth. You were designed for a purpose. You were destined to write a beautiful story, one that no one else can create. You are not a mistake.

Discovering your true identity, understanding the meaning of your life—these are big questions—ones you will spend almost all your days searching for. Sometimes it may feel as if you’re on the right path, like the future is laid out before you and there’s absolutely nothing in your way. And sometimes life will feel the exact opposite, an exhausting, endless search that brings you to dead end after dead end.

You may be in a place of peace or celebration, or maybe you’re ready to give up, questioning why you’re even here. Life is challenging in that way, a constant battle within our minds, a continual comparison to everyone around us, wondering where we fit.

But if you find yourself in a place of defeat, remember this: there is no one on this earth like you. Continue reading

You Are Always Whole

“I’m broken.” Have you ever said those words to yourself? Have you ever believed them? Spoke them to truth? Identified with them until they became the way you looked at your reflection in the bedroom mirror?

‘Broken’ is a word we use to describe ourselves when something aches, when something goes wrong, when we lose someone we love or a relationship falls apart around us. ‘Broken’ is a word we cling to, sometimes even desperately, when we no longer know who we are without the security of a loved one’s arms around our shoulders, or feelings of security we’ve grown comfortable with.

‘Broken’ is a word we’ve learned to claim, a word that has become more of a noun than an adjective.

But we are not broken.

There may be pieces of us that ache. There may be fragments of our hearts left in ruins after a breakup or loss. There may be voices in our head telling us that we can’t, that we’re alone, that there’s nothing left for us. There may be things that feel off, or wrong. There may be moments where we can barely lift our head from the pillows, or when we turn our face from the sun.

There may be so much loss around us, it feels like we’ll never find our footing again.

But we are not broken. Continue reading

What If We’re Supposed To Be Lost?

Everything that’s lost is simply on its way to becoming found. I remember writing that sentence two years ago, its resounding truth still echoing in my head. The world today is so lost—and yet, we love to use that word as a dirty word, to imply that we don’t know what we’re doing, to say that not having it all figured out is somehow inadequate or wrong.

When we hear the word ‘lost,’ we automatically channel negative thoughts. To be lost, we convince ourselves, means that there is somewhere we’re supposed to be that we no longer are, or that there’s something missing. To be lost seems to imply floating, or directionless.

But what if we’re supposed to be lost?

What if the moments where we found ourselves so far from the traditional path, so deep in the unknown, were actually healthy, and normal? What if we’re supposed to experience change, experience fear, experience all the anxiety that comes from stepping into a new role or down a new path? What if we’re supposed to not know who, exactly, we’re becoming?

What if being ‘found’ is being static—what if there’s far greater things destined for us than to be stuck in one place? Continue reading

Fighting Feelings Of Inadequacy

Being a human is so damn hard. Honestly, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that. In our daily lives, we just don’t give ourselves enough credit. Instead of relishing in our successes, we’re so quick to look for the next thing. Instead of being proud of all that we’ve accomplished, we’re turning our heads to see what the person next to us is doing, and measuring our pride in comparison. This go go go attitude can be motivating, but when we never take a breath to be satisfied, to be excited, this becomes unhealthy.

I’ve always been a big believer in self-sufficiency. My entire life has been built around the longing to be independent. I’ve written countless articles about being a ‘strong woman’ and what that means in today’s world; I’ve prided myself on being able to stand on my own feet. But if I’m being honest, sometimes this perspective can be damaging. When I get into the habit of doing everything alone, I push people away. Or when I’m so determined to be the best, I start looking at everyone else’s success and feel worthless in comparison.

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that we all do this—the comparing game, the frustration, the feeling of unworthiness when we measure ourselves to the other people around us.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the ‘poor me’ attitude, looking at someone else’s photos on Instagram and thinking, ‘wow, they have it so much better,’ or ‘damn, they have it all figured out and I don’t.’ But honestly, none of that is really true.

We’re all in different places, on different paths. We’re all starting from somewhere, and half the time the people we compare ourselves to aren’t even on our same playing field.

But when we focus our attention on what we don’t have instead of what we do we put ourselves in this place of inadequacy and defeat. We’re setting ourselves up for failure before we even begin because we don’t have the mindset of positivity and success.

And really, that’s where everything starts—the belief that we can. Continue reading

Sometimes There Is No Answer—But There Still Is Purpose

Purpose has been the topic on my heart the past few days. In struggling with a family friend’s fight to stay alive, finding and pursuing purpose has become ever present, ever pressing in my mind.

I can’t shake the thought that our time here is impermanent. Continue reading