Recognize Your Potential, And Then Wildly Pursue It

Life is all about chances, and empowering yourself—despite the obstacles that may stand in your way—to take them. Every single one. Continue reading

Maybe To Truly Live You Must Remember Your Impermanence

I still remember the bright glimmer of the Lake Tahoe water reflected back with a shine in the whites of our eyes. We were sharing the same extra-large towel, two bodies only having met a few hours earlier, connected under that warm summer sun. This moment I remember so vividly—his long hair tossed over broad, tanned shoulders; the light warming our faces; the sound of his laugh. It was love, yes, but in the strangest way. It wasn’t that I wanted to lean in and kiss him, to draw his body closer to mine. It’s that I wanted to hold his heart in my hands, lay there and just listen to the sound of his voice.

I loved who he was as a person, I loved his soul.

He had turned to me, pouring stories of his past. I could tell by the way his eyes looked away over the water that he was heartbroken—he didn’t have to say her name for me to know.

He was dying—epilepsy—every seizure taking his strength, but not his heart.

I watched the way his mouth moved, comforted by the sound. And in that moment, I did not have words. I just listened. Realizing that he, even with his numbered days, knew far more about living than I did. Continue reading

What If We’re Supposed To Be Lost?

Everything that’s lost is simply on its way to becoming found. I remember writing that sentence two years ago, its resounding truth still echoing in my head. The world today is so lost—and yet, we love to use that word as a dirty word, to imply that we don’t know what we’re doing, to say that not having it all figured out is somehow inadequate or wrong.

When we hear the word ‘lost,’ we automatically channel negative thoughts. To be lost, we convince ourselves, means that there is somewhere we’re supposed to be that we no longer are, or that there’s something missing. To be lost seems to imply floating, or directionless.

But what if we’re supposed to be lost?

What if the moments where we found ourselves so far from the traditional path, so deep in the unknown, were actually healthy, and normal? What if we’re supposed to experience change, experience fear, experience all the anxiety that comes from stepping into a new role or down a new path? What if we’re supposed to not know who, exactly, we’re becoming?

What if being ‘found’ is being static—what if there’s far greater things destined for us than to be stuck in one place? Continue reading

Sometimes There Is No Answer—But There Still Is Purpose

Purpose has been the topic on my heart the past few days. In struggling with a family friend’s fight to stay alive, finding and pursuing purpose has become ever present, ever pressing in my mind.

I can’t shake the thought that our time here is impermanent. Continue reading

Don’t Let Anyone Slow You Down

I’m so tired of hearing that I should, “slow down,” or “relax.” I know its well-meaning people who don’t want to see me fail. I know it’s my family and friends who love me and are just trying to make sure I’m okay. I know it’s a natural, human reaction to encourage someone who’s busy to do nothing sometimes. I know.

But what the people telling me to do these things don’t know is that I don’t have time to do nothing. I am excited by the possibilities I must grab between my fingertips before they’re gone. I love the rush and the wildness of a busy life. I feel, within the deepest parts of me, that I need to be running three hundred miles an hour.

But I will rest when everything feels right.

I know you’re probably sick of reading ‘self-help’ or ‘motivational’ articles/books/pieces/etc., and hell, I’m in the same boat. It’s annoying to hear so many contradictory words from people who claim they have it all figured out. It’s frustrating to feel like you’re pulled in so many different directions, just to eventually loop back around where you were. It’s unsettling to realize you may never have the perfect, one-size-fits-all answer you’re looking for.

And yet, we’re all still searching.

But here’s the thing—I don’t have it figured out. I don’t have the answers. I don’t claim to have this life in the palm of my hands. All I know is that I feel passion for the things I do, and when you feel a little tug in your heart to do something—whether it’s to chase a crazy dream, fall for an unexpected person, do a task you’ve never done, build a brand from scratch, or work under the craziest schedule ever—feel empowered to do it.

Because you can. Because it feels right. Because it’s important to you. Because this life is yours and it’s fleeting, so you must believe what you believe and be passionate without fear. Continue reading

Let My Soul Be An Instrument Of Hope

“I am an instrument in the shape
of a woman trying to translate pulsations
into images for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind.”
— Adrienne Rich

Let my soul be a carrier of peace, bringing stillness to a heart that’s beating wildly, creating a safe space for you to rest within my arms. Let my body bring comfort to you; let my words strengthen you to carry forward, to push on. Let every line that leaves my lips teach you something about yourself, show you who you are and have the potential to become.

Let my being be a light to you in the sense that you are encouraged in whatever you are facing, so that you know you are never alone.

I do not wish to be perfect, but to celebrate our flaws together, and seek to improve, to grow, to shift our lives and the lives we touch.

I do not wish to change everything, but to change a single heart, which will in turn affect another and another until the whole world ignites.

I do not wish to be an idol, but an instrument. Something used by God to create an impact. Someone you can lean and depend on, a voice you can trust.

I do not wish to be any other than a fiery ball of passion, something hot and fearless, but sparks inspiration in you. Someone who settles the loneliness in your heart with my warmth. Continue reading

I Hope You Chase What Makes Your Heart Burn

There is a dream within you. And maybe you’ve tried to quiet it. Maybe you’ve busied yourself with other plans, other things. Maybe you’ve listened and thought your mind was playing tricks on you, telling you that you were being ridiculous for believing in something so big.

Maybe you’ve gone after that dream for a moment, but then got distracted with everyday life. Maybe you had to get a job, make a living, be there for someone who needed you and you didn’t/don’t have the freedom, nor the time to spend selfishly.

Maybe you’ve learned long ago to just go with the flow rather than chase anything greater—it’s just too complicated. Maybe you’re filled with excuses, every reason in the book why you don’t deserve, and can’t go after the things that make you feel alive.

But these are lies born of fear. Continue reading

Stop Holding Back—Chase What You Love Right Now

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, someone has taken their last breath. Isn’t that the most heart-wrenching thought? To be reminded that this life is so fleeting and our days are numbered? To realize that everything is impermanent, even our bodies and desires? And what a loss it would be if you didn’t take a chance, didn’t reach for what matters to you, didn’t try and fail, didn’t go?

What is holding you back? Continue reading

This Is My Purpose—This Is Who I Am And Want To Be

This morning I just felt at peace—with my decisions, with my path, with the fact that I’m not perfect, but I’m moving. And that’s what’s most important.

I sat down and wrote a piece on that feeling. Maybe it can encourage you today. Maybe it can remind you that you don’t have to be everything to everyone—you can just be you. And that is enough. Continue reading