6 Reminders Every High School Student Needs To Hear Right Now

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred at Santa Fe High School this morning, I wanted to write something to those students, to any high school student losing hope, grieving, or fighting to continue.

You are more.

You are more than these days, these hallways, these expectations and books and SAT scores and essays that seem to define and determine everything you are supposed to be. You are more than the negative words spewing from the mouths of those you do not get along with. More than afternoons on the practice field, or nights spent staring at the ceiling, wishing to be someone else. You are more than the pressure. More than the darkness. More than whatever turmoil may exist in your heart right now.

This is not to say that what you’re feeling does not matter, because it does. This is simply a reminder that there is more in the world besides those walls, those peers, those broken dreams. You will leave this place and grow, change, exist far beyond what you thought could be. Even amidst this tragedy.

Please hold on.

Death is not the end of a life.

Some of you may have lost someone you loved. Their lives were cut short. I’m sorry. I’m sorry is not enough, but I’m sorry anyways. I’m sorry this world could not protect them, protect you.

But please know they did not pass in vain. They lived lives—short, but beautiful. They loved, they laughed, they walked through those halls with you, they went to games and dances, they played sports or created art, they were wonderful people. And they will always be wonderful people.

Who they were will live on and those memories will be with you. They will light a fire in you. They will spark change. Continue on in remembrance of them, for them. Continue reading

5 Waldorf Students Attend the 2015 Alpha Chi National Convention in Chicago

“And up next is Marisa Donnelly, reading three poems for us tonight.”

            I hear my name. I hear clapping. I wipe my sweaty palms on my black dress pants and take a deep breath. This always happens before I read my writing. I always get this bubbly, anxious feeling. My hands sweat, my heart squeezes, and my stomach feel like there’s a tiny hamster inside, running in circles on a little wheel.

            I smile. Take the microphone from the moderator and step to the podium.

            Looking out into the crowd, there’s at least two hundred faces—students, Alpha Chi Sponsors, regional and national delegates and representatives. The room is dark except for a green glowing light behind me—a decorative addition of the Sheraton Chicago Ballroom—and a spotlight directed on my face. I take a breath and speak. My voice fills the room and instantly the hamster wheel stops, the bubbling stops, the squeezing stops. And I’m washed with calm.
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Organized Chaos – Spring Season in the Denny Jerome Athletic Center [DJAC]

Read the article on Waldorf University’s Lobbyist 


Waldorf University’s indoor turf facility, the Denny Jerome Athletic Center, or DJAC, is a second home to many student athletes. Built in 2009, the DJAC is used on a daily basis by men and women’s golf, softball, baseball, men/women’s soccer, and most recently, men/women’s track and field. With this being the first year of Waldorf University having an indoor track and field program, scheduling practice times at the DJAC has become a bit more complex.

As head coach of the Warrior Track and Field program, Kendrick Clay was faced with the difficulty of providing his athletes practice times and locations that would be productive. “We practice at numerous times throughout the day and practices depend on the events the athletes are training for,” Clay said. Currently, the DJAC is being used by jumpers and throwers.

For Clay, having an indoor turf facility is beneficial because it allows for a better, more efficient surface for athletes to train their throws and jumps. However, he expressed his concern about training times in the DJAC, “I will say that any time a coaching staff has to have multiple practice times throughout the day, regardless of the sport, it is a stretch for the coaching staff.” He continued, saying that recruiting, administration, and even team cohesion could be affected by the practice schedules. “When athletes consistently train at different times than their teammates, it can influence team dynamics.” Continue reading

Sparks Making Waves at Waldorf University

The camaraderie was amazing. The trust between riders and community members filled the air like some type of euphoric helium lifting everyone’s spirits,”

This is a quote from one of Audrey Sparks’ award-winning articles on the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI). Sparks, a thirty-eight year old non-traditional senior at Waldorf University, has been making waves this year. Continue reading

The Man Behind the Mask

“What I love about hockey is my teammates…the speed of the game, and the unbelievable skill and hard work it takes to excel in the game,” said Spencer Johnson, the sophomore Spotlight Athlete of the Week from Burnsville, Minnesota.

Each week, the Waldorf University Athletic Department honors an outstanding student athlete on the Warrior athletics page and through a campus-wide email. This past week it was Johnson. This recognition was due to his assist and two goals, one being the game-winner during a 5-2 win over No. 9 Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville on January 17.

In the 2014-2015 season, Johnson has scored five goals and contributed five assists. Not only is he a valuable asset to the team as both a defenseman and forward, but he’s also a great friend and teammate on and off the ice. Continue reading