21 Elizabeth Taylor Quotes To Make You Laugh, Smile, And Get Your Life Together

Elizabeth Taylor—chances are, you recognize the name. Not only was she a well-known actress, humanitarian, and style icon, but she’s still widely known for her romantic life, passion-filled relationships, and big heart. She loved and loved hard. Can we blame her?!

As a die-hard romantic myself, I love reading her quotes. They’re packed with a punch and always hit me straight in the heart. This newly-released book, Pocket Elizabeth Taylor Wisdom: Witty and Wise Words from a True Icon, shares Elizabeth’s best advice on life, love, and heartache.

This book has compiled Elizabeth’s truths about what love really is and how to be with someone (because well, let’s face it, she knew the drill).

Sure, we all love the warm-and-fuzzy feelings we get from a cutesy romance quote, but anyone who’s really been in love knows that a relationship is more than sunshine and rainbows. Beyond the honeymoon stage, there’s fighting to get to know one another, to stay close, and to get through the trials and triumphs of everyday life.

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35 Best Sports Quotes To Motivate The Hell Out Of You

As a young athlete, I wanted nothing more than to read every inspirational quote I came across. I wanted to save them, write them on note cards and tape them to the inside of my locker and bathroom mirror. I wanted to decorate my binder with them, pick the best quote about sports for the back of our team t-shirt. Finding something that defined my experience made me feel both understood, and empowered. And to know other athletes felt the same way reminded me—even on the toughest days—why I kept going.

Whether you were an athlete, raised or coached one, cheered on a sibling or friends from the stands, or attended games in your boldest and brightest spirit wear, the love of sports is within you. It’s within each of us.

You don’t have to be playing to understand the grit of dirt under your fingernails, the smell of fresh popcorn mixed with sweat, or the crazy up and down of emotions as the other team breaks away with the ball. Whether you came to this page for motivation, for nostalgia, or to reflect back on the way the game has changed your life, here are 35 of the best quotes about to remind you how the passion will never die. Continue reading

18 Body Image Quotes To Empower You

Regardless of where you’ve been, the story you’ve lived, or the path you’ve traveled, at some point you’ve probably dealt with body image issues, self-doubt, or comparison—this is human. It’s human to measure ourselves to others around us, human to feel inadequate at times, human to believe we are unworthy.

But the truth, we are so damn worthy. We are so damn unique. We are so damn beautiful.

Regardless of where you are on your self-love journey, these quotes are from real people sharing their real struggles (in books + interviews, etc.) Whether you’re in desperate need of encouragement, or just wanting to know you’re not alone, these body image quotes will inspire and empower you to keep going, and keep your focus on who you are, not what you look like.


“Your body is the piece of the universe you’ve been given, the place where love and joy and grief happen, where happiness unfolds. Do you really want to keep believing that it’s a horrible, ugly, lumpy thing? Do you really want to keep punching yourself like that?”

—Geneen Roth, This Messy Magnificent Life


“Worthiness does not have prerequisites.”

—Brené Brown, The Gift of Imperfection


“I’ve finally recognized my body for what it is: a personality-delivery system, designed expressly to carry my character from place to place, now and in the years to come.”

—Anna Quindlen, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

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34 Love Quotes To Remind You Who And What You’re Worthy Of

As a writer, I’ve poured my heart out time and time again on the concept of love. There’s a universality to this topic that can connect with every single being on this earth. We’re all searching for human connection, for our ‘person,’ for a relationship that makes us feel even more complete than we are on our own. We all want to understand what it means to love someone, and to do so without losing ourselves in the process. We all want to feel deeply, but avoid heartbreak. And if we somehow get crushed, we are desperate to find a way into healing and back to ourselves.

Love is universal in the fact that we all experience it, all crave it, and all will inevitably be broken by it. And yet, we’re all still healing, and searching all over again.

I’ve collected quotes on love that I’ve written throughout the years and compiled them into this piece. (Small reminder that these are copyrighted! So please, if you share one of the images, credit me @_marisadonnelly! 😄) Hopefully this collection can be a reference, an encouragement, and a place for you to revisit and remind yourself of who and what you deserve to find.

1. “Love isn’t a fairytale, it’s a complicated, messy, perfectly-imperfect story you write day by day.”

2. “Love is far too beautiful to be wasted chasing something that doesn’t spark, doesn’t glow, doesn’t build a fire over time—one that both warms and ignites.”

3. “No matter the circumstance, someday love will find you and show you, even in your fullness, what your heart was missing. Someday love will find you and reveal all the magical parts of you that were hiding beneath your skin. Someday love will find you and remind you of your inherent worth—a worth that exists regardless of your relationship status.”

4. “Stop chasing love. Let it come to you. Let it bloom when the timing is right. Let it be beautiful, all on its own.”

5. “Love isn’t supposed to be this boring thing, this basic connection with another breathing, beating being. We aren’t supposed to feel “okay,” instead of alive. Or “content” instead of passionate. We’re supposed to fall into people crazily, freely, wonderfully, and with everything we have. We’re supposed to feel, and fall in, and fall down. And experience something extraordinary.”

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