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Growing Up

person with child on her back walking at sunset, growing up

Sticky fingers.
Cotton candy and corndogs.
The way a chest rises and falls when breathing.
Milkshakes and trips to the coffee house.
Burning toes on the fresh pavement.
I still don’t consider them weeds, you know.
Sweaty palms.
Lollipops or suckers, whichever you prefer.
The first raindrops,
and the smell of worms.
I hate the feeling of muddy toes
but love the hot sand under my feet.
Broken watches-
time runs away.
Dripping ice cream cones.
Macaroni and cheese.
Dinosaur chicken nuggets.
The way buttons remind me of pig noses.
I still believe you can see it at night,
even if it is just a sound.
Just know,
that you’re not the only one
who’s afraid of empty halls
and wishing stars-
I’m afraid of the future, too.




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