Itty Bitty Pieces

Because not everything I write is super long.

When He Asks Me My Favorite Flower - He asks me my favorite flower, and I don’t hesitate. Sunflower. Bold. Bright. Brilliant. Continue reading
Maybe I Can’t Fix Everything - Maybe that’s my biggest flaw, thinking I can love something into healing Continue reading
I Thought Of My Nana Today - I was reminded, suddenly, of my late grandmother. One whom I can only remember from pictures. Continue reading
Today, I Am Happy - Today my heart is so full. And it’s not because of a guy, not because I’ve started to fall in love, not because of a ‘good morning’ text or a heart-softening kiss. Continue reading
Do They Hear The Words? - I often wonder if anyone else feels this rush. This liquid stream of words sliding in and out of my brain waves. I can see them. Continue reading
A Sneeze Miracle - Occasionally, the world will bless you with something I call a 'sneeze miracle'. It's the whole 'achooo!' 'bless you' phenomenon, where you are given the simple miracle of one's blessing without asking and without really expecting. It just comes. Continue reading
As I Sit Here In Silence - I’m sitting here thinking in verse, thinking in poetry. Imagining your hands around another girl’s waist. Wondering how you could be so far gone so quickly. Continue reading
July 10th, Verrado Mountain - That night he had taken me to one of the mountains right outside his home city, where the earth stretched towards the sky, and the roads, though man-made, seemed to reach upwards, away from the ground. Continue reading
In the Morning - I love myself when I first wake up. I love the way my body feels against the pillows, when my mind is still shifting out of the lucid dreams, when my skin feels soft and warm against the worn polyester of my blanket. Continue reading
Reflections from 30,000 ft. - I am in the Midwest now. I can tell because the lakes are little shiny pennies on the green surface and the land itself is a mini map of the U.S. cut into squares that look like states. Continue reading
New Year’s Eve - The air of the club was thick with champagne and sweet perfume. The lights were dimmed, and I stepped forward in my back stilettos, feeling the stickiness of spilled mixed drinks underfoot. Continue reading
Trying to Move On - He has blue eyes and blonde hair. She always dreamed of this, of the perfect moment, of someone new slipping into her life like a sunkissed angel. Continue reading
This One’s For You - Do you remember that little black car, driving miles from Fresno to Pismo, my bare feet out the passenger window, nails painted pink. Continue reading
Carnival Rides - Why is it that we put our faith in things like carnival rides, their seats barely fastened, their metal cages worn as they spin on rickety metal pieces, round and round. Continue reading
Runner - My father taught me to never chase, but be chased. And so I became a runner. Continue reading
Those Easy Moments - Your favorite memory is a Thursday night, three forty-two in the morning when he reaches for you. It’s a lazy arm, heavy with sleep. It leans over your shoulder where you lay on your side, back curled up against his … Continue reading
What We Carry - Look me in the eyes again. Tell me anything, the summer breeze blowing through those white blinds, the sausage and onion pizza you had for dinner last night, that you're scared of spiders. Continue reading
Moments Before Sleep - I love the moments just before sleep, when your body relaxes and your muscles let go, exhaling a long sigh. Continue reading
Come to Me - Come lay with me. Do you feel your fingertips itching, hear that pounding in your chest? Yes, you're alive. And you want. So chase those wants. Get in that car, drive down those snowy roads, and come to me. Continue reading
Listening to a Good Song - This is one of the moments I wish to capture in words: when the music fills your soul, when the tips of your ears tingle with the sounds and suddenly you realize that despite all the evil around you, the world is so beautiful. Continue reading
12/15/13 - I haven’t written for months. This is because I’m afraid. Continue reading
This Is How It Feels To Love You - Loving you is like not being able to eat peanut butter. And I’ll admit, I’ve taken two heaping spoonfuls and watched them spin in a white porcelain dish in the microwave, then felt them melt on my tongue, and slide smooth and sticky down my throat. Continue reading
Strong Is the New Sexy - The final steps are closer now; she wipes the back of her left arm across her forehead to absorb the sweat. Little beads have collected down her collarbone, her neck, the backs of her knees. Continue reading
The Art of Forgetting - The art of forgetting is not to forget, but to remember. Continue reading