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Listening to a Good Song

This is one of the moments I wish to capture in words: when the music fills your soul, when the tips of your ears tingle with the sounds and suddenly you realize that despite all the evil around you, the world is so beautiful. The chorus, the melody, the cascading of sounds that bring you to a time and place, that can cause tears to form behind your eyes, that can fill you with warmth as you remember a hand in yours or a sunny Saturday. The way the sounds fill your head and your heart and the soles of your shoes. How you connect to the words and are no longer empty. Filled like water to the brim of a pot on the stove, like stomachs on a holiday, like leaving church. The way a song and its rhythm can heal you, can make you remember, or forget. How it can calm your soul, energize your mind. How music can remind us what its like to be human, chaotically and wonderfully flawed.

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