Because I love poetry.

Longing - Your lips have already written stories into my skin. Continue reading
The Lost Generation - We don’t run our hands along the spines of books or smell fresh ink on pages. We slide fingertips over skin searching, longing. Continue reading
I Won’t Let You Break Me - He knows I’ve always been a woman of faith; my body will always be my temple. Mine to own and to protect. Continue reading
I Dreamt Of You (Again) - I’ve never understood why you always come to me in dreams, but never in person. Why my mind still tells me you love me, even after all this time. Continue reading
Our First Fight - Tonight, words drip from my tongue like sap from the bark of a tree hot and liquid and angry. Continue reading
Illinois Thunder - I used to be afraid of forces bigger than my body. Thunder. Tornadoes. Love. Not anymore. Continue reading
Comparing You To The Ocean - There is much to be said about the ocean’s consistency, The waves, the sound, the break against the shore. Continue reading
To The Beautiful Souls Who Die Young - How could it be that I was here  ten yards away from his locker reaching for a book  while he reached for the trigger? Continue reading
It’s Not That I’m Running Away - Somehow you understand my restlessness, you've always known me better than I knew myself. Continue reading
On Being A White Woman - There is a movement ripping across the nation. #blacklivesmatter And at first I wondered why the world continues to separate for the cause of togetherness. But I get it now. Continue reading
Today I Saw a Flirty Comment You Posted On Facebook - I see the way you interact, the way things seem easy. Are they really easy, or are you just pretending? Continue reading
To The Spider, Who Understands - But what about the spider? Who builds a web so intricate, so perfect, so impenetrable that not even the most adept creatures can escape. Continue reading
When You Can’t Understand What’s Going On In Their Head - Maybe I was always wrong. Always thinking I could fix what I didn’t even understand. Continue reading
My Love, You Are The World - And if I could trace back our lives like road maps, I’d see our paths intersecting through highways and city streets and quiet towns. Our lives, two lines crisscrossing and interweaving through the places we’ve both loved and lost. Continue reading
I Went To The Art Gallery - Because I thought I’d find you there. Find you in every detailed line, each smudge. Continue reading
He Asked Me To Fill Him With My Words - I filled pages. I filled him with my poetry, lines so lyrical and liquid they made his heart ache. I filled him with stories, the ones I bury behind my bones, sacred and hollow. Continue reading
I Am My Father’s Daughter - I am fishing poles and baseball bats, glasses and mud-stained cleats, ponytails and a matching birthmark in the center of my right palm. Continue reading
You Are More Than A Woman - Sweet girl, you are more than a woman. You are legs, voices, attitudes of those who came before you and of the babies you will one day bear. Continue reading
You Cannot Stay - "...you're afraid if you stay here they might talk And these nights you only want to hear someone say, Yes, I think of these things, too..." Continue reading
When I Imagine The Two Of Them Together - I’m haunted by the two of them. I see their bodies, like hazy silhouettes in my mind. Continue reading
Touching To Feel You Again - How could you not crave the way my chest falls and rises the curls of my hair wrapping around your fingers. Continue reading
If, Love - Ask for love, and the sky will unveil itself layer by layer -- Lauren Alleyne, “If, Sky” Continue reading
This Is How to Be a Girl: - They said wear pink because that’s what girl babies wear tie your hair with ribbons when it’s long enough clip it back away from your eyes Continue reading
Love is - like stepping in the shower after a long day and tipping your head back, letting the water run over your forehead and into your ears, shutting out all sound. Continue reading
Ocean Solitude - I cross my legs and bury my toes in the sand. The waves roll in, salty white foam on their folding edges. Continue reading
The Bitch in the Kitchen - My mother told me that men are like onions tough on the outside—thick layers of grit, dirt, earth, skin— Continue reading
While Standing in Front of the Caravaggio - brush strokes like silk on Saint Matthew’s robes, I am brought to January the college library frost clinging to the windows and your face hidden by an oversized book. Continue reading
A Woman is a Plant - Tear that cactus out of the sand. It’s time to plant something beautiful, but sassy. Something with roots. Continue reading
The Blue-Eyed Angel - I watched her fall, delicate, white. That’s how all angels look at first, hair curled, wings full and feathery. Continue reading
Sun - He made her the sun and so she became this, rising each day, filling his world warmth, light, energy Continue reading
Ode to the Child - She is chubby fingers and strawberry blonde hair, whispy and thin like sun-bleached wheat. In the morning, she is eyes squinted with sleep, little slits against a soft, pale face. Continue reading
Trying to Move On - He has blue eyes and blonde hair. She always dreamed of this, of the perfect moment, of someone new slipping into her life like a sunkissed angel. Continue reading
How I Want to Love You - I want to know you in each of the ways I want to brush away the dirt of the Earth to peel back each layer of your skin the thin, biting membrane Continue reading
Wakeup Call - Like the way we wake from a dream head foggy, floating bodies warm and wrapped in blankets hands curled into fists like children longing to fade back into where we were just a moment before. Continue reading
My Roommate’s Cat - My roommate’s cat is a lumpy pillow. He is a sack of mushrooms, fur like cotton balls soaked in old chicken broth. Continue reading
Unselfish Love - I want to unselfishly love all the selfish parts of you. Continue reading
Wanderlust - I am a pebble along the shoulder of a four-lane highway, Route 55 Westbound chasing the sun. Continue reading
The Snake - The snake reminded her of smooth grass between gravel rocks where she stubbed her toe blood oozing like hot syrup. Continue reading
Now That You’ve Returned to Me - 4:30am there is a clack of thunder like shattering glass outside Continue reading
Falling in Love - is like a bird, a flutter of wings in some deep, inside part of you. Continue reading
“Reasons Why I Love My Mother” by Marisa Donnelly - Originally posted on Waldorf Literary Review:
Reasons Why I Love My Mother By Marisa Donnelly 2013 Salveson Prize in Poetry   I am not what you say though my scrambled eggs are always runny, corners of wheat toast brown, Purple…
This Is Me, Writing About Boys - To the one from middle school with the braces, you taught me how not to kiss. Continue reading
Staircase - I want him to know me like that, to memorize each birthmark or bruise. Continue reading
The Couple - The wife's empty suitcase stood by the front door a warning as if at any moment it could fill and she would leave again. Continue reading
Sweet Tooth - You are all the things I love: Melted caramel over green apples on the first crisp days of fall. Continue reading
A Love Affair With Time - When I wake you are already gone pacing faster, moving always moving Won't you stay with me? Continue reading
The Storm – ‘write your poem backwards challenge’ - Fragile, like a rainbow we share this moment: two spoons, two scoops mint chocolate chip a truce. Continue reading
A World Without Lenses - I stare out the window with no contacts fuzzy lines of trees, the heavy expanse of a clouded sky. Continue reading
The Storm - Words are stones shifting in waves, shadows around corners, sighs slipping through closed lips Continue reading
Second Hand - She loved the simple but she ran to the beat of a second-hand Continue reading
How You Should Love Me - I want you to love me the way I love you through words. Caressing each syllable, guiding pen across softened edges of paper Continue reading
Reflections From Nature - soft sand beneath toes and shells, white and silver like the foam of waves at dusk Continue reading
The Rain - She loved the way the rain sounded on the stucco roof, like memories washing over naked skin Continue reading
The First Heartbreak — Exercise in Dactylic Meter - In my Techniques of Poetry class, we are working with meter. As I've been experimenting, I've realized that poetry in meter is actually extremely difficult. Continue reading
Sweet Nothings - Tell me how my brown eyes are like the sweet mud of your childhood— the school playground, the infield edge of the baseball diamond down the block. Continue reading
Object Permanence - This ring, this silver circle is round like the mouth of a newborn and round like the sun that rises and falls day after day Continue reading
What I Learned From the Ocean - Liquid, flowing words move in and out like waves you can choose to coast, or ride I do both. Continue reading
Loving a Writer - Loving a writer is not easy, I suppose. We carry with us faded notebooks, crinkled pages, and memories tucked away on folded napkins. Continue reading
Today I Am a Cynic - I don't know how I got here or if it matters I will never fall in love if I can't believe Continue reading
Why I Love What Never Lasts - I'm in love with the things that are fleeting. The smiles that pass quickly between strangers, toenail polish that never stays. Continue reading
Fragments - I hate knowing that I am a piece of you. That somewhere, somehow, there is a connection. Paper thin, or like thread. Continue reading
Thoughts on Being Lost - We're all searching to be found, but I like being lost. Continue reading
Growing Up - Sticky fingers. Cotton candy and corndogs. The way a chest rises and falls when breathing. Milkshakes and trips to the coffee house. Continue reading
The Addict - I ate the apple I left the garden. Blame me. Continue reading