Because stories are interesting, inspiring, and fun.

The Transience of Home - “We’re just like Skins,” I say, reaching a bare arm towards the falling snowflakes. Continue reading
The Worm-Stick - “A good story is a worm-stick,” my professor says. Continue reading
Dependability - She's thinking of a particular day, that snowstorm, a Saturday. Continue reading
I Know Just What You Need - Rachael pressed her nose against the outside of the soft oak door and sighed. She could smell a dirty diaper from a mile away. Inside the room, Malorie was making a combination of cooing and crying sounds. 'Self-soothing,' Malorie's mother had called it, but it made Rachael feel on edge. Continue reading
The Snow Day - The girl was angry. Angry, but unsure of the true reason why. She was sitting in her mother's black Lexus, watching the men and women in knee-length coats and flowing scarves walk in and out of the grocery store entrance. These men and women, all bundled up, annoyed her. They all seemed so determined, so happy, so focused. Continue reading
Broken - A piece of pot roast, drenched in the brown crock-pot gravy and mushrooms, rests in a lukewarm pile on my sister’s abandoned dish. The forks of my father, mother, and I scrape nosily against porcelain plates. This is the only sound. Continue reading