Finding Peace In The Chaos

Perhaps there will be moments of solace in the chaos, where we are reminded that there is still purpose, still happiness, still love. Perhaps there will be peace, even amidst the wildness.

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Let It Be, Let It Go

Like the wind chimes dance in the breeze, like the birds sway gently between the afternoon clouds, like the leaves fall and the sun rises—there is an ebb and flow, a shift and change to this life.

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For The Ones Who Don’t Quite Know How To Slow Down

Perhaps it’s about running until you’re forced to walk, walking until you can’t help but run—a cycle, a balance between the chaos and the calm.

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I Hope Tonight Brings You Healing

I don’t know exactly where you are right now. Maybe in a bedroom, staring at your reflection in a cloudy mirror. Maybe on a bus, watching cars drift past a darkened window. Maybe in the arms of someone who makes you happy.

I don’t know where your body rests, how you’re feeling, or what you need. All I hope is that tonight brings you healing.

I hope the day softens as it comes to a close. I hope the sunset makes you feel calm and warm. I hope that no matter what has hurt you in the last hours, last days, last weeks you take a deep breath and exhale it out into the night sky.