Finding Peace In The Chaos

“Talk to me,” I whisper. My words barely float across the center console between us, hanging in the air, soft and uncertain. The windows of my car are halfway down, the wind whipping wildly past, drowning out all sound. In the distance, the summer night is bending into sunset, blues becoming hazy oranges and purples at the edge of the mountains.

California is burning. I can feel the heat on my face, even though the raging wildfires are miles and miles away. Everything feels hot, anxious. Even my feet, pressed against the pedals, can’t sit still. Continue reading

Let It Be, Let It Go

Like the wind chimes dance in the breeze, like the birds sway gently between the afternoon clouds, like the leaves fall and the sun rises—there is an ebb and flow, a shift and change to this life. Sometimes we fit naturally into the pattern of what is happening around us. Sometimes we laugh and the world smiles right along with. Sometimes we close our eyes and the earth hums to our melody. And sometimes what happens is unlike anything we ever imagined or planned—and that is both beautiful and frightening.

But there is a rhythm, a natural order to things. There is a sense of peace that we find when we let the universe speak the answers to us, instead of trying to hear our voices first and foremost in our minds. There is a purpose, a plan that we discover when we stop trying to desperately to seek.

But instead to stay, to lean in, to let it be, let it go. Continue reading

Hurry Up And Slow Down

“I’m telling you this for your own good,” my friend says, “You need to slow down.”

He leans back in his chair, takes a deep breath. My chest expands and releases in rhythm with his. Slow breaths, I remind myself. Slow breaths. Continue reading

I Hope Tonight Brings You Healing


I don’t know exactly where you are right now. Maybe in a bedroom, staring at your reflection in a cloudy mirror. Maybe on a bus, watching cars drift past a darkened window. Maybe in the arms of someone who makes you happy.

I don’t know where your body rests, how you’re feeling, or what you need. All I hope is that tonight brings you healing.

I hope the day softens as it comes to a close. I hope the sunset makes you feel calm and warm. I hope that no matter what has hurt you in the last hours, last days, last weeks you take a deep breath and exhale it out into the night sky.
Continue reading

At Home In Your Own Skin

Yesterday I stood on a hill overlooking the town I’ve learned to call home these past few months. I took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh sky, letting the sun bake my bare shoulders, letting myself feel calm, feel peace.

I watched tiny children, running around an elementary school playground below. I watched the ocean waves cascading into the shore. I watched boats, like little dots, bob across the sea. I watched a plane float lazily across the sky.

I felt, for the first time, that I was exactly where I was meant to be. Continue reading