Waldorf College’s Literary Magazine – The Crusader:

“The Addict” – Published 2011-2012.

Growing Up” – Published 2011-2012.


The Addict

I ate the apple

I left the garden.

Blame me.

But I’m sorry.

I will stop.

I will sit here until I forget

why I’m waiting

and who I’m waiting for.

The needles left only scars

the scars are fading

I stopped this time I promise.

My blue skin, transparent will gain color


But I’m sorry.

I will stop.

I will rest on this blue plastic seat

wrinkled from use

rusted along the sliver edges

cracked from the cold.

I will wait years for you.

Spinning in circles

watching the cars go by.

Hundreds of coffees

black with three packets of sugar.

Caffeine to fuel my new addiction.

Perhaps you will find me

smelling like greasy bacon

fried hamburgers, stale milk.

Maybe you will recognize my face

my puffy eyes, shaking fingers.

I ate the apple

I left the garden.

Blame me.

But I’m sorry.

I will stop.


Growing Up

Sticky fingers.

Cotton candy and corndogs.

The way a chest rises and falls when breathing.

Milkshakes and trips to the coffee house.

Burning toes on the fresh pavement.


I still don’t consider them weeds, you know.

Sweaty palms.

Lollipops or suckers, whichever you prefer.

The first raindrops,

and the smell of worms.

I hate the feeling of muddy toes

but love the hot sand under my feet.

Broken watches-

time runs away.

Dripping ice cream cones.

Macaroni and cheese.

Dinosaur chicken nuggets.

The way buttons remind me of pig noses.


I still believe you can see it at night,

even if it is just a sound.

Just know,

that you’re not the only one

who’s afraid of empty halls

and wishing stars-

I’m afraid of the future, too.


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