Writing About Love

Because I love to love. And because so much of my life is surrounded by, and deals with love.

The Strength Of A Heart - That beating muscle in our chest is so strong, maybe even the strongest we have. Continue reading
I Wrote About A Boy - I wrote about a boy yesterday. To be honest, maybe not just one boy. Maybe all the boys I’ve been hurting in the past year, the ones who wanted me to be something I just couldn’t. Not yet. I wrote … Continue reading
I Dreamt Of You (Again) - I’ve never understood why you always come to me in dreams, but never in person. Why my mind still tells me you love me, even after all this time. Continue reading
Our First Fight - Tonight, words drip from my tongue like sap from the bark of a tree hot and liquid and angry. Continue reading
Comparing You To The Ocean - There is much to be said about the ocean’s consistency, The waves, the sound, the break against the shore. Continue reading
When We Kiss - This is how your lips taste. Continue reading
Thinking About Trust - Trust is a fragile thing. I think I’ve always known that. Continue reading
When You Cry For No Reason, And Then Write About It - I cried about my ex-boyfriend this morning. Just one tear, a single, solitary tear. Continue reading
Today I Saw a Flirty Comment You Posted On Facebook - I see the way you interact, the way things seem easy. Are they really easy, or are you just pretending? Continue reading
I Saw A Picture Of His New Life - I’m always caught wondering, shifting between the belief that all things change and all things stay the same. Is it true that we never really change who we are? Continue reading
My Love, You Are The World - And if I could trace back our lives like road maps, I’d see our paths intersecting through highways and city streets and quiet towns. Our lives, two lines crisscrossing and interweaving through the places we’ve both loved and lost. Continue reading
When I Imagine The Two Of Them Together - I’m haunted by the two of them. I see their bodies, like hazy silhouettes in my mind. Continue reading
I Write To Remember, And I Write To Forget - I write to feel your fingertips on my skin, to breathe in that smell of your conditioner, of faint smoke, of sweat and cologne, and of earth. Continue reading
Dear 646: A Letter To My Ex Boyfriend’s House - It was you that taught me to love again. You, that gave me comfort within your walls. You that gave me a both a place and a person to call home. Continue reading
July 10th, Verrado Mountain - That night he had taken me to one of the mountains right outside his home city, where the earth stretched towards the sky, and the roads, though man-made, seemed to reach upwards, away from the ground. Continue reading
Here’s How to Love a Writer: - Forgive us. For the snippets of you that find their way into a plot line, for the secrets you’ve whispered that somehow made it to the page. We’re passionate about both things—our words and you—sometimes we can’t keep them apart. Continue reading
It’s Not You, It’s Me…Or Maybe It’s Not - It’s not you, it’s me. I think, as I watch the wind blow slits of sunlight through the big pine tree in my backyard. You love me in all the right ways: the hand-holding, the forehead kisses, the tenderness, the love that fills me. But you suck at all the other boy things, like taking me on dates or cleaning your room. Continue reading
An Attempt at Defining Love - Love is a funny thing. It's an abstract concept, something that cannot be defined by a word or a gesture, or even a moment. It is a feeling, like when your stomach drops or you feel dizzy for no reason at all. Love creeps up on you. Slowly. Then all at once. Continue reading
Something Telepathic - Do you know I still think of you when it snows, when I make breakfast and look out the glass window to the yard? Continue reading
Pen Pals - In the mail today was an envelope from you. Continue reading
On Relationships and Sports - And so when I think of love, I think of sports. Of the dedication athletes put in, the passion, the perseverance, I am struck by how simple it is. What is my goal? How can I achieve it? Continue reading
Sun - He made her the sun and so she became this, rising each day, filling his world warmth, light, energy Continue reading
Carnival Rides - Why is it that we put our faith in things like carnival rides, their seats barely fastened, their metal cages worn as they spin on rickety metal pieces, round and round. Continue reading
12:43am - 'I don't need anyone,' is the lie we tell ourselves. Continue reading
Love is Easy, Loving is Hard - “The act of love is easy. It's loving that's hard." Continue reading
What I Would Say to You, If I Could - I came across an old picture of you, dressed in that hooded sweatshirt you always wore. Well maybe not a picture of you, but a picture of us, a collage. We were happy, messing with each other, making silly faces … Continue reading
Utopia - In a perfect world it would rain when I wanted it to, and we would run in it. Continue reading
Snow Shoveling - As I lay between warm blankets now, my mouth leaving warm breath circles on the cool glass windowpane, I think about you. I wonder If your heart feels just as heavy as mine, as I watch my neighbor move methodically, shoveling line after line of freshly fallen snow. Continue reading
Heartbreak - I keep waiting for your text, like we wait for the time. Like we stand at the edge of the window pane as kids, our noses to the glass. Continue reading
Ownership - There are things you don't know about him. How his eyes change color depending on the light, how he turns to me when he's sleeping and pulls me, subconsciously to him. Continue reading
Finding the Way Back Home - There are miles left to travel; the fields lay on either side of us, open and empty. Continue reading
See You Soon - I want to write the words I cannot tell you: How sometimes, when I know you’re sleeping hard, I trace the lines of your tattoos, run my hand down your spine. Or that when I shower after you, I splash your body wash across my chest and arms, just to hold that smell of you. Continue reading
Loving Someone Like Me - I’ve always known I was emotional—it’s something I’ve learned to love about myself. Emotional people are the people who understand. Emotional people are the people who will leave you the last slice of apple pie, or will drive to the grocery store just to buy chicken to spice up your salad. Yes, I am one of those people. Continue reading
Loving a Writer - Loving a writer is not easy, I suppose. We carry with us faded notebooks, crinkled pages, and memories tucked away on folded napkins. Continue reading
Halves of a Whole - Love gives us the illusion that we are incomplete, that we need another, (key word need) to make us whole. I don't believe that without love we are broken. Halves of a whole. That can't be true. Continue reading