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Word & Sole —

I’ve always been a writer and a runner. I’ve always found clarity and comfort in my soles hitting the pavement, pen touching paper, or my fingers to keys.

Ever since I was young, there’s been this restlessness inside of me to share what’s on my heart. And as I’ve wrestled with questions about my identity, my femininity, my purpose, and my path, I discovered the name for my blog: Word & Sole.

Word & Sole was born of the desire to use my words and my feet to carve my direction. The name also shares an appreciation for being the woman I am—a woman driven by passion and emotion—my core. As a woman of faith, the play on words with ‘sole’ and ‘soul’ has religious significance, too. I’m led, not only by my steps, but by my heart and spirit as well.

I spent three years trying to create the perfect phrase to tattoo on my body. I wanted it to speak to my heart, to my career, and to the person I am and am continually becoming. It was a summer day in Chicago when I finally crafted two lines of poetic verse that resonated with me. This mantra became the message of my blog, and honestly, my life: She makes the pavement her pages; she writes through word and sole.

On these pages, you’re reading my heart, my story. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here. To learn more about me, click [ here ] or visit my website

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