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6 Important Personal Boundaries To Set In The New Year

When I was younger, I used to think that boundaries automatically meant something negative. I always heard the word in context with ‘pushing the boundaries’ or as in the lines I couldn’t cross. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized setting personal boundaries—especially in terms of love, self-advocacy, faith, business, and mental health—are incredibly important if you want to become the best version of yourself. Read More

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Maybe You’re Not Happy Because You’re Trying Too Hard

Maybe you’re not happy because you’ve created this ideal in your mind for what ‘good enough’ looks like, and you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re falling behind. Maybe instead of focusing on your accomplishments and the work it took to get there, you’re already counting the steps to the next milestone.

Maybe you’re all too concerned with what everyone is or isn’t doing that you’ve forgotten how to look at yourself, and the things and people around you, with admiration and pride. Read More

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May The Force (& Flights) Be With You: 5 Star Wars-Inspired Trips

Want to know something crazy (and something I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit)? I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars series. *Gasp* I know. But with the release of The Rise of Skywalker, I’ve been inspired to follow the crowd and catch up on what I’ve missed. Plus, as I’ve been doing some digging on the series and what it’s all about, I’ve stumbled upon some amazing Star Wars-inspired trips that you won’t want to miss.

From visiting filming locations to exploring asteroid caves, here are four trips for Star Wars fans (and soon-to-be Star Wars Fans, too). Read More

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14 Best Last-Minute Gifts For Everyone On Your List

We’ve officially passed mid-December. Are you wondering where the time’s gone, or is that just me?! When it comes to holiday shopping, I’m typically pretty good at thinking ahead. But this year seemed to sneak up on me a little quicker than I hoped and all of a sudden I’m scrambling for last-minute gifts.

I don’t know if you’re like me (and sort of stressing 🙈), but if you’re in the market for some quick present ideas—don’t stress! From the traveler to the techie, the fitness freak to the pet-lover (and everyone in-between) here are some of the best last-minute gifts for everyone on your list. Read More

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Your Excessive Social Media Habits Are Ruining Your Life

Your excessive social media habits are ruining your life. I write these words like a declaration – to you, to myself. It’s true, there’s something beautiful about scrolling through a gallery and being reminded of specific people and places that you love. There’s something strangely nostalgic about seeing a past post and remembering exactly where you were and how you felt. Read More

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4 Best Wine Pairings For Your Holiday Feast

I’m no wine connoisseur, but I love a good glass (or three) with my holiday meals. But I never know what really goes well with my favorite foods, and particularly meats. Anyone else? So, this year I’m finally putting the effort in and figuring it out. From crisp and light whites to dry and earthy reds, here are the best wine pairings for your holiday feasts (or everyday meals, if you’re that fancy). 😛🍷

With Hearty Meats:

Cabernet Sauvignon: With the hearty meats (think prime rib or steak), a Cab Sauv is best. Filled with ripe flavors and the tannins for a lengthier finish, it’s best to pair your heavier meals with something that can balance the flavors.

Wine Idea: San Simeon 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon has bright aromas of dark raspberry, black cherry, and spicy plum that are perfectly complemented with cocoa and cedar oak from barrel-aging.

Pinot Noir: You can’t deny this beloved red wine. Pinot Noir has earthy undertones mixed and high acidity that help to cut through hearty meats without overpowering them. But because the wine is light-bodied in nature, it can mix with lighter side dishes, too.

Wine Idea:The 2018 Cline Family Cellars Sonoma County Pinot Noir is a great choice, not only because of the price ($15!) but it’s vanilla tones give it an almost meaty flavor almost a meaty flavor—great to pair with red meats.

For Lighter Meats

Chardonnay:If white wine is your thing, a chardonnay is one of the best wine pairings for your holiday feast. Chardonnay’s rich, but often fruity tastes go well with lighter meats like turkey, ham, or meat-based soups. It’s also perfect for side dishes—a subtle mouthful to keep you from getting too full before the main course.

Wine Idea: Peter Michael Point Rouge Chardonnay offers a light and almost tropical finish. This adds a bit of fruity, but not overpowering, flavor to your meal.

Riesling: Forget the classic (and too-sweet) flavors of Riesling that you’re used to. A dry version of this white wine is perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. Nothing pairs better than the semi-sweet apple and honey flavors to complement your lighter meats and side dishes. Plus, a riesling is a great option on the less expensive side, too.

Wine Idea: The 2014 Meierer Riesling Kabinett Kesten has a pleasant flavor mix of peach and herbal tones that’s less sweet, but still creates a perfect balance for savory side dishes. Plus, it’s only $18.

Featured Image Credit: Kelsey Knight

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6 Disney Plus Inspired Trips You Need To Start Planning

Disney Plus (Disney+) has hit accounts all over the world—and everyone is freaking out. I was super excited to get the streaming free for a year (thanks, Verizon!) and I’m already loving cozy nights in, curled up in bed with my boyfriend, his son, and our dog reliving all my childhood favorites.

But whether you’re a ‘night in’ type of person, or one who’s filled with wanderlust, you don’t just have to enjoy Disney’s best from the couch. You can actually bring all the best moments from the 90s and 2000s to life with these themed vacations.

Here’s where you should travel to next year, based on your favorite Disney movie: Read More

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Dear Giver: You Deserve Healing, Too

This piece is for the people who have always lived with their hands, minds, and hearts wide open. The ones who learned, young, that it was better to care and be broken than always wonder what could have been. This is for the girls who gave their hearts away when they were seventeen; for the boys that weren’t afraid to hold hands and scribble notes on crumpled papers to pass to their girlfriends in freshman year math class.

This is for the people who, despite what the world said, weren’t scared of loving, being loved. Read More

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For The Exhausted Soul: How To Let Go & Find Healing

You are the person who always gives, always cares. When it comes to the people you love, you prioritize them without question. And maybe not always at your detriment, but you’re so closely intertwined with those you care about that sometimes you forget your own needs should come first sometimes, too. You give and give. But now when you look in the mirror you no longer see your heart—you see an exhausted soul. Read More