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marisa donnelly using one of the best work-from-home solutions for pet lovers

7 Work-From-Home Solutions For Pet Lovers

We are officially in the work-from-home ‘era,’ where more people are figuring out ways to balance their careers and home life simultaneously than ever before. For some, this means navigating childcare/children while attempting to attend Zoom calls. And for others, this means creating new routines for furry friends.

As a mama (of both a human and dogs), I’ve been juggling both—in addition to running my businesses. And while I’ve had the advantage of being remote for several years, I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t easy. But, with intentional self-care, communication of my needs, and a few good products, life isn’t just manageable, it’s good.

Whether you’re a pet owner or considering investing in a little guy or gal, here are 7 work-from-home solutions for pet lovers that I honestly can’t go a day without. Read More