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11 Things ‘Big Personalities’ Know To Be True

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1. You speak with your hands.

Whether you’re telling a story, giving a speech, or even talking on the phone, you have the tendency to speak with your hands—throwing them in the air, gesturing to people, using them for dramatic effect—hand movements come naturally (and often unintentionally) to you. To be honest, in general you have a tough time staying still.

2. You have a lot of feelings (deep ones).

You can’t help but want to hear someone’s story, to listen to them pour their heart out, to want to ask questions and get to know someone on a deeper level. You’ve been programmed to be empathetic and invested in the world and people around you. It’s just who you are.

3. People often tell you that your presence fills the room.

Or that when you leave, everything feels emptier somehow. You just have a way about you that grabs people’s attention, or makes them feel noticed. When you’re not around, everything feels different.

4. You can be a little dramatic.

Not necessarily in a bad way…but when you feel something, you feel it deeply (see #2) and so if something affects you, worries you, makes you think, gets you excited, you’re all over the place expressing that emotion. Sometimes you get a little too worked up or stressed, but you’re also the life of the party at a celebration, so the good outweighs the bad on this one.

5. You love to plan.

You’re the type who’s always getting ready for the next adventure. You’re thinking ten steps ahead, excited about what’s to come and getting other people on board. When it comes to travel, events, parties, etc. you’re all over it. You feel it’s your persona obligation to help everyone be as pumped as you.

6. You care about literally everyone.

You’re the person who finds the guy or girl sitting in the corner and strikes up a conversation; you hate to see anyone left out or alone. You’re also the peacemaker when it comes to fights or conflict—everyone goes to you when there’s drama or issues because you’re not afraid to actually talk things through and make amends.

7. You’re pretty good at speaking your mind.

Sometimes this is a great thing…and sometimes this is tough. You aren’t necessarily rude about this, but you don’t always have the best approach. Sometimes you tell people like it is and it comes off the wrong way. Regardless, though, you always have the right intentions. You’re just a little bolder than most.

8. You can be a little much at times.

You’re the life of the party (aka: the loud one), and the one with the biggest heart. Sometimes people love this…but, of course, you’ll have some haters along the way. Unintentionally (for the most part) you can be a little extra when it comes to relationships, passions, or your beliefs. Don’t change anything about yourself! But also know that sometimes you’re a lot to handle. (Reminder: the right ones will accept you for you!)

9. You have a hard time figuring out where you ‘fit.’

Finding a group who understands and accepts the crazy side of you is tough. It’s not that you’re difficult to get along with, but (see #8). Just remember that your big personality is something to be proud of, not ashamed. You’ll find your tribe in time.

10. You don’t like to be told what to do.

You are a spirited person. You have no trouble defining, for yourself, what you think and believe. So when it comes to the people in your life trying to ‘control’ or even help you, you have a hard time. You don’t like being bossed around or told what to think/do.

11. You have two volumes: loud and whisper-loud (which are basically the same).

When you’re excited, the world knows. When you try to be silent…well, everyone can still pretty much hear you.

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