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No Matter What You Go Through, You Are Not Alone

girl brushing her hair knowing you are not alone

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Center yourself within the world around you. Feel your heels press into the earth, your lungs draw in air. Remind yourself that this is what it means to be human—to be alive, to feel, to be—and the pain is only temporary.

Remind yourself that you are standing, and that simple act is strong in itself.

You are going through so much. We all are. These mornings opening your eyes feels like a chore, and the heartbeat in your chest is slow and dull. You have told yourself lies based on past mistakes; you have surrounded yourself with fear.

But you are not alone.

Though it may feel like these battles are yours and yours only, though it may seem that no one understands, or can taste the longing on your lips, though it aches because you’ve been wandering without a hand to hold, without bodies to fall into, without a heart to trust yours with—you are not in this mess by yourself.

I hope you know that in whatever you’re experiencing, there are shoulders to cry on, arms to lift you, souls that long to pull you close and remind you of your worth.

There are strangers on opposite sides of the earth fighting for you, believing in you, praying over you and your strength. There are friends who are not always physically present, but send thoughts of love and support from miles away. There are family members who will stand beside you, even when it feels like you’re standing solo. There are people who care. There are people who care.

You are not alone.

Others have walked down the path you’re lost on; they’ve tasted fear, remorse, and regret. They know how it feels to have your stomach tied in knots, to lose someone you love, to feel abandoned.

They know, because they’ve reached the other side, that it is possible to survive.

Others have faced demons and crawled on their bellies until they found healing again—and that is to say that there is power within you, too. You do not have to think you’re the only one, and that there is no hope. Hope is all around you; hope is within you.

Please do not let the negativity of this world lay claim on your body. Do not let the lightness of your soul become heavy by the impermanence of this world.

You are a fighter. You have already fought through so much. You are a believer. Even when you’ve fallen, you’ve found a way back up. You are a dreamer. You still have so much time and space on this earth left to take up.

You are not alone.
You are surviving.
Each breath is proof.

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