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4 Healing Reminders For Anyone Who Feels ‘Stuck’ Right Now

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Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by the possibility to the point that it’s made me feel rooted in my tracks, unsure of where to go or what to do next. Have you ever been in that place? In that place right now? Not entirely sure if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re headed in a good direction?

This is the ebb and flow of life, I remind myself. Ups and downs are natural. And yet, you know just as well as I do that knowing this doesn’t make our tough moments any easier.

The truth is, life gives us many challenges; it’s all about how we face and overcome these moments that defines us.

So if you’re going through a season where things don’t make sense, where you feel unsure or even clueless, where you’re frustrated and longing to feel at peace—read these words from my heart to yours.

1. Life is cyclical; each ending is a beginning of something else.

Wow, even writing these words is liberating. The idea that an end is really a beginning is transformative. It reveals that whatever we’re going through right now might be the painful ending of one thing, but could be the start of something completely new and beautiful.

This makes me think of a breakup. When we’re in the heat of it, everything aches. We can’t imagine life without this person; everything we do, say, encounter resurfaces painful memories. And yet, in the ending of that relationship becomes the beginning of who we are as individuals. We’re catapulted into self-love, learning who we are and what we need. We’re overwhelmed with possibility of where we can go next, independent of a commitment to anyone else.

Life is like this in so many ways—endings opening doors—if we let them.

2. Patience begets passion.

Sometimes we just have to go through a hard season; it’s the way life is. But if we can sit in the moments of confusion, or pain, or frustration, or loss and get to the other side, then we can grow. Patience is important, but as humans, we’re creatures constantly searching for more more more. We want everything to be perfect and our way, but often that’s not how the universe works.

If we can, instead, embrace the unknown and be patient, then we can let what’s meant to be ours come to us, and allow room for our passions to build when the timing is right.

3. Nothing is forever.

I used to be terrified by those words, but now I read them as they are—freedom. Though it’s painful to imagine our relationships ending, the people we love passing, the things we care about fading, it’s exciting to know that the bad moments will one day cease to exist.

Nothing is forever, meaning you won’t always be lost, heartbroken, or identify with your hopelessness. Wherever you are and whatever you feel right now is temporary in the grand scheme of your life. Just hold on. You will get through.

4. Wherever you are, someone has been.

I find it frustrating when people say, “I know how you feel,” or “I’ve been there.” It always seems like the person who’s saying this is cheapening your feelings somehow (even though I know they’re not). It’s ironic, too, because I know I have said those exact words in well-meaning ways: I’ve wanted to show people that they’re not alone. But when we’re on the receiving end, these statements feel more like someone telling us to ‘get over it’ than to help with our healing.

But honestly, if we take a step back from our pride and self-deprecating behaviors, we’ll see that these words are truth. People don’t say “you’re not alone” to diminish your experiences, but to empower you in knowing someone is, or has been beside you, fighting through the same things.

Honestly, sometimes it’s a good thing to know you’re not the only person facing an obstacle, a hurdle, a pain this big. It’s proof that you’re just as capable of making it through. Wherever you are, someone has been. And survived.

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