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75 Little Things That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile

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There is so much value in the little things. I never really understood this until I started living with my boyfriend, until we made a house a home. I never realized the weight of the tiny, almost unconscious moments shared between two people. Or how, above anything else, what happens in the day-to-day means the most.

Whether you’ve been dating your significant other for three months or three years, here are 75 little things that will make your girlfriend smile:

  1. A picnic outside. That you plan and buy/make the snacks for.
  2. A love note sitting on her bathroom counter when she least expects it.
  3. A Hershey’s kiss in her closet, next to the shirts, where you know she’ll see it.
  4. A lunch bag in the fridge, already packed for tomorrow.
  5. A good morning text, something heartfelt, telling her that you were thinking of her before you went to bed or when you woke up. So she knows she matters to you.
  6. An impromptu shopping trip. And no, you don’t have to buy her anything. Just be there. And tell her she looks cute.
  7. The ingredients to her favorite dessert so the two of you can cook together.
  8. A bucket of popcorn and three Redbox movies. Her pick.
  9. Surprise her with a home-cooked dinner.
  10. Do the chores she hates—like vacuuming—without her asking you to.
  11. Take her to the drive-in movie.
  12. Buy her something beautiful to wear on a date (and no, this doesn’t have to be expensive).
  13. Make her a tree swing in the backyard.
  14. Get a pair of rollerblades and go on a rollerblading date.
  15. Fill her gas tank.
  16. Put her favorite blanket in the dryer right before bed so it’s nice and warm.
  17. Let her know when you’re thinking about her.
  18. Buy her favorite kind of ice cream the next time you’re at the store.
  19. Offer to clean the dishes after dinner.
  20. Make her a bubble bath when she’s had a tough day.
  21. Take her on a date to the restaurant she’s been dying to go to.
  22. Buy a twelve-pack of her favorite drink and plan a drinking night-in.
  23. Look up the events going on in your town and take somewhere the both of you have never been.
  24. A picture that you drew of the two of you together (it’s the thought that counts, not the actual artistic ability)
  25. A board game marathon.
  26. Call her girlfriends and organize a Girl’s Night.
  27. A non-requested back massage.
  28. Build a fort in the living room together, complete with blankets, pillows, and couch cushions.
  29. Put on your swimsuits and dance in the backyard sprinklers.
  30. Go on a drive with the windows down, music blasting. And hold her hand.
  31. Tell her you love her. To her face. In a handwritten note. Drawn on the bathroom mirror.
  32. Go apple-picking or on a hayride.
  33. Go Halloween costume shopping together. And laugh at each other’s silly outfits.
  34. Cook an old family recipe together.
  35. Go sledding when it snows enough.
  36. Make a snowman together.
  37. Decorate her bedroom with balloons and a poster that says, ‘I love you’ just because.
  38. If you want to make your girlfriend smile, buy her flowers and put them on the kitchen counter.
  39. Finger paint. Something. And each other.
  40. Do the laundry together.
  41. Go to a playground and push her on the swings.
  42. An indoor picnic, if it’s too cold outside.
  43. Buy ingredients for a fun alcoholic drink and make it together.
  44. Climb a tree together.
  45. Go on a date to Walmart where you each buy three things that remind you of each other, then spend dinner explaining why you bought them.
  46. Wash a car together.
  47. A candlelight dinner (on an ordinary day).
  48. Make ice cream sundaes together.
  49. Take her to the pet store and play animals together.
  50. A trip somewhere inspirational, like a food bank where you can volunteer for a few hours.
  51. A list of all the things you love about her.
  52. Make dinner and eat it on the roof.
  53. Pick out an outfit that you love her in and have her wear it that day/night.
  54. If you really want to make your girlfriend smile, cook inside-the-house s’mores.
  55. An adventurous date—rock climbing indoors or hiking outside.
  56. Take her somewhere outside and go for a walk.
  57. Use those unused gift cards sitting in your wallet.
  58. Go on a super touristy date to somewhere you two haven’t been before.
  59. Take her to a concert (local and cheap, or big name).
  60. Write her a love poem, even if you’re bad at poetry.
  61. Record a video of you talking about how much you care about her and play it at a random time.
  62. Take her bowling.
  63. Go thrift shopping and have fun trying on silly clothes.
  64. Take her on a road trip for a day to somewhere new.
  65. Write her a song. Bonus if you sing it, even if you suck at singing.
  66. Ask her friends what she wants to do or something she really wants as a gift and get it for her.
  67. Cover her bed with flower petals, just because.
  68. Take her to karaoke night and embarrass yourself, just to make her smile.
  69. Tell her she’s beautiful.
  70. Take her to one place for appetizers, a different place for dinner, and another for dessert just for fun.
  71. Buy her favorite shampoo and conditioner and stock it in your own bathroom.
  72. If you really want ot make your girlfriend smile, pick up her favorite snack food from the grocery store and slip a little bag of it into her lunch for a surprise.
  73. Buy her one of those cheesy stuffed animals, just because.
  74. Show her off to your guy friends.
  75. Tell her something you appreciate about her.


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