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You Should Really Date The Bad Boy

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As published on Thought Catalog.

Okay ladies, it’s high time we admitted it. We like a challenge. We like a guy who makes us think, who keeps us on our feet, who is going to tell us when we’re dead wrong about something, who’s going to makes us reconsider our strongest perspectives and fight fiercely with us. We want someone who doesn’t always toe the line, but someone who thinks outside the norm. We want someone who’s made mistakes and learned from them. We want someone with an opinion. A backbone. A fearless attitude. Confidence. And a pinch of cockiness, because that’s just sexy.

We want someone to ignite a fire in us. Make us emotional. Make us excited, challenged, wanting more. We want a relationship that’s physically and mentally stimulating.

Let’s face it, no one wants to date a vegetable.

The Bad Boy. You know the type. The one who doesn’t always do what he’s supposed to. Who pushed and sill pushes the rules. Who probably didn’t run with the ‘good crowd’ in high school and college. The one who probably still doesn’t have his sh** completely together (but neither do we).

We want that guy because life’s too short and we want, we need to feel something. We want that guy to experience life, vicariously and in our messy, passionate relationship.

Love isn’t supposed to be this mediocre thing in our lives. We aren’t supposed to love the plain, perfect, and fits-in-this-little-relationship-box type of guy. We’re supposed to date someone that makes us fall into that crazy, ridiculous thing called love.

Now I’m not saying you should fall for the alcoholic, in and out of prison, unreliable, has three baby-mommas, still a drug dealer, maybe even abusive ‘Bad Boy’. Come on, have some common sense here! I’m saying fall for the real-life Bad Boy, not the movie-enhanced stereotype.

The Real-life Bad Boy is the one with the difficult past. The one who you don’t bring home to mom after the first date. The one who makes you think, who makes you re-think, and who makes you nervous because for the first time you’re feeling something real, something heart and head spinning.

Fall for that guy. For the Bad Boy that’s not always going to do what he’s told. (PSA: you’re not either, so let’s not act like this is some huge and terrible thing). Fall for the guy you can’t control like a little puppet. Fall for the guy that isn’t going to follow you like a stray kitten, but will make you chase him, then chase you.

Fall for the guy that you look at and know is imperfect. From his unshaven face to his stupid college tattoo. From his hands in his pockets to that smug grin on his face. He’s challenging, intriguing, different, passionate, and damn sexy. And that’s the kind of guy you really need.

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