Contact Word & Sole by Marisa Donnelly (Photo: Gabi Nehring)

Hi, I’m Marisa! One of the things I value the most is personal connections and getting to know the people who interact with or read my work. Whether you want to contact me to make a comment about my writing, talk about my process or how I got to where I am today, or connect for employment opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m always interested in good conversations or potential collaborations and opportunities.

(PS: If you live in the Southern California area, let’s get coffee!)

I make it a personal goal to respond to every message. That being said, I’m one person and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can! Please give me 1-2 business days. To learn more about my writing, editing, and coaching services, you can visit my website or my business page: Be A Light Collective. You can read a bit of my personal story right here. Otherwise, please fill out the contact information below and I’ll reach out to you as soon as possible! Thanks for browsing my page.

For a complete resume click here: [ Marisa Donnelly Résumé ].
You can also send me an email / connect with me on LinkedIn.