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23 Things I Don’t Tell You Enough

happy people I'm falling for you

I love your hands, the powerful gentleness of a man who knows his strength but isn’t afraid to be soft, too.

I’m thankful that you eat ice cream and that you’ll never turn down a scoop.

I love that even after years, you still make my tummy feel that nervous fluttery thing.

I love it when you talk to me, especially at night before I fall asleep—just about your family, your friends, something you read on Facebook—it makes me feel important and connected to you.

I love that you’re willing to rub my back or feet, just because you care.

It means so much to me when you text me little things throughout the day. Even if I’m busy, just to let me know you were thinking about me.

I love when you dress nicely, especially in a suit.

You have the cutest smile.

I’m thankful that you do the dishes when I cook. Because there’s nothing I hate more than having to rinse off plates when my tummy’s full.

I do notice when you give me the soft pillow. Thank you.

Your laugh makes me happy. There’s something about it—the way your face lights up, the way you sound so genuinely satisfied with life—I love making you laugh.

My favorite thing is when you kiss my forehead.

You matter to me. You have become my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I appreciate the little things you do for me, like hold my hand when I’m crying or tuck the fuzzy blanket around me when I’m cold.

You’re the perfect height. Just tall enough for tip-toe kisses.

I’m thankful for the dates you take me on. The simple ones.

I love the way you parent.

I love how you are with animals and little kids, just so tender and sweet. It melts my heart.

I love that you play our song and we can dance in the kitchen together.

I love how you cuddle me.

I love you.

I’m thankful you found the courage to cross that bar and come talk to me. Because falling for you was the best, most unconscious decision I’ve ever made.

I’m a lucky girl.

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