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God Is Far Bigger Than We Think—Let’s Change How We Think

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One of the things I find the most incredible about God, is that no matter how many times we try to explain His goodness, how many moments with Him we experience or encounter, or how many words I try to write about His unfailing mercy and unending love—I still fall short.

Because there are no words for the sacrifice of Him giving His son; there is no humanly possible way to articulate that our Creator loves us so much, even though there are millions and millions of people on this earth, He still knows and cares for every single one.

Lately I’ve been struck by how incredible God truly is, by His love, by His strength, by His miracles in my life and the lives around me. The sermon serious at my church is all about the beauty of God’s promises. The tagline: “God is bigger than we think, so let’s change how we think.” And wow, has this resonated with me.

Sometimes I try to fit God into a box. I try to make sense of who He is; I try to find answers so that I can explain what’s going on and why. But the truth is, God isn’t meant to be defined. He’s meant to shift the way we see the world dramatically. He’s meant to show us that there is meaning, and reasons why we’re here. He’s meant to give us purpose and healing. He’s meant to be given all our faith and trust, even in a world that’s riddled with doubt.

He’s meant to change our thinking—so why don’t we?

It’s so beautiful (and a little scary, if I’m being honest) to change the way I’ve been seeing my Father. For a long time, I tried to label Him so that I could better understand. Now I’m acknowledging that there are, and always will be, things I don’t understand. But that doesn’t mean I chalk Him up to the next best thing. It means I shift my perspective. It means I learn to see beyond my humanness to what His glory really entails.

God is bigger than we think. He is bigger than the obstacles we face, the pain we experience, the love we lose, the heartbreak we feel, the illness we encounter. He is bigger than the sin or doubt, bigger than the disasters and sickness and disease that plagues this earth. He is bigger than death, larger than life. Stronger than anything. Everything.

So why don’t we stop letting ourselves be defeated, stop falling victim to the things that happen to us and instead know He is guiding us through? Why don’t we let go of insecurities and fear and believe, with all our hearts, that He is walking beside us, carrying us in every storm?

Why don’t we let go of the human questioning and trust His answers, His purpose, His plan? Why don’t we allow our God, who is beyond all things, to show us where to go and who to become?

If God is bigger than we think, why don’t we change how we think?

Why don’t we pray for miracles with the expectation that He will be faithful? Why don’t we celebrate the painful circumstances, knowing He will bring us through and to better? Why don’t we hope for better days? Why don’t we learn all that we can about this God so that we are able to see Him as He is?

This is the challenge I’m undertaking right now, to let go of all I was taught about who God is and understand Him for myself. To release every selfish expectation, every preconceived notion or doubt and rediscover the ‘incredibleness’ of my Father who loves me.

I’m starting to change how I think.

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