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5 Signs You And Your Person Have A ‘Soul Friendship’

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What is a ‘soul friendship’? A connection that goes far beyond the physical, even the emotional. A bond that is spiritual—two souls vibing and intertwining with one another in celebration, in understanding, in passion, in peace.

Whether you’re dating your best friend, found your forever person, or deeply connected to a BFF, family member, or other special human, here are 5 signs your relationship is actually a soul connection that should be treasured and fought for, no matter what.

1. Your desires seem to either be in tune, or easily understood by one another.

More often than not, you seem to be on the same frequency—looking and longing for the same things. However, your relationship is not always perfect. You are not always agreeing or seeing eye-to-eye, but you are able to meet one another halfway, or to understand the desires of each other’s’ hearts with ease.

Whereas in other relationships there is conflict, drama, and frustrating compromising, in this soul friendship, you are perfectly aligned—willing and ready to love one another in the best way you can.

2. You have not, and cannot imagine a life without one another.

You cannot wrap your head around the possibility of this person no longer being in your life, and frankly, have probably never thought about it. On the odd chance that you have, you struggled to picture how you ever lived without them, as their presence in your life has made you feel so incredibly full.

3. You have a longing to understand, and be understood by them.

Beyond the typical emotions and desires of a relationship, you long to understand and be understood. You want to discover the ins and outs of this person, the secrets, and the pieces and parts that make them who they are, just as you wish for that in return. Your relationship is anything but surface level.

4. Your conversations have clarity, depth, and openness.

There is no judgment or hesitation between you two. When you speak, you often dip into controversial or difficult topics, yet with understanding and ease. You are not afraid to speak your mind around one another, or express your fears, anxieties, or dreams. You allow one another a safe space for sharing your hearts, minds, and most of all, souls.

5. You share something far beyond love.

This soul friendship is more than love. The connection is unexplainable. It’s not the cliché kind of relationship, where you finish one another’s sentences or laugh at the same jokes—rather, you have both a sense of excitement and comfort in their presence or touch. You long for them emotionally, and care about them with a feeling that is rooted deeper within you than passion, lust, desire, or affection. Simply, your soul craves them.

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    Well I think we are more then likely going to be able to make this relationship work out but don’t think we can get at the ways we really do around others especially when they have just come into our company out of the blues without knowing ii is a big surprising wouldntw you think so ? Then all the attention goes on that person and it’s like your getting to be the odd one left out what would you call that is there any question to that if so let me know

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