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I Am Allowed To Take Up Space (And 10 Other Affirmations To Tell Yourself)

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I am allowed to take up space.

I am allowed to exist here, on this earth, in all my mess and glory. I am allowed to be bold, to be hesitant, to move, to stay put, to ask questions, to challenge the perspectives set before me.

I am allowed to exist as I am.

I am allowed to be and become, to create and recreate myself as I see fit. I am allowed to be whomever I choose or change into. I am allowed to lean on others, to rely solely on myself. I am allowed to be proud of the skin I’m in. And I owe no one an apology for how my heart beats.

I am more than my past.

I am not defined by where I’ve been, unless I choose to use the moments behind me to propel me forward positively. I am more than the times I’ve fallen down, or the times I’ve lost touch of who I am or where I want to be. I am not held back by sin, by failures, by moments of weakness because I am and forever will be more than that. I am ever-growing, and stand boldly in this.

I am in control.

Not of the universe, not of what is out of my hands, but of what I can change within my heart and mind. I am willing and able to surrender to this life, but unwilling to take a back seat in my own journey. I am capable and confident. I am strong enough to choose how I will react, and what I will do or say in moments of adversity.

I will survive.

I will not be pushed down to the point that I cannot rise. I refuse to be a victim of the circumstances of this life, no matter how painful they may be. I will find strength in my weakness, and joy in my troubles. I will choose to see the bright side, and to overcome. I will heal. I will move on. I will survive this. I will be okay.

I am allowed to take as much time as I need to heal.

My healing is not linear. There is not a specific rule book or timeline to healing and I will not expect myself to be at a certain stage by a certain point. I will be patient with myself because I deserve that. I will accept myself in all forms and pieces; I will know that I am still whole, even when broken.

I am a blessing; my life is a gift.

I have so much to offer this world. I am not done yet. And even in the lowest moments I face, my life is still beautiful. I will continue, no matter what.

I am complete on my own.

I do not need another person to define me, to ‘fix’ me, to make me full. I am worthy of love, but not defined by it. I am still my own person, even with another’s hand to hold, and if I don’t have that right now, that doesn’t make me any less. I am a unique, special being – with or without a relationship.

I am allowed to fail.

I am not perfect; I will never be. But instead of seeing this as a negative, I will use it to empower myself, to inspire myself. I will make mistakes, I will fail, but these moments do not define me. They build me.

I am worthy.

I am worth of the dreams I seek, of the love I hope for, of the joy I believe in. I am worthy of respect. I am worthy of self-love. I am worthy.

I am open to the future.

There is so much coming; I will embrace it. I will choose to let go of what is not meant for me, I will stand boldly in my truth and work on growing rather than looking back. I will move forward with hope, I will believe in better days, even if and when I’m in the midst of a struggle. I will keep going.

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