Finding Your Place
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I Pray You Find Your Wings

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Life is a beautiful, messy journey. There are moments when you will be surrounded by people you love and who love you, and there will be days when you can’t shake the loneliness from your skin. There will be mornings when you wake with purpose, and others when you can’t stop hitting the snooze button, drowning in your own self-doubt. You will be steady and lost—and sometimes both simultaneously. But no matter where the road takes you, or how broken you may feel, I pray you find your wings.

There is no rhyme or rhythm to this thing called life. There are no answers, so ‘right’ ways, and no secret button you can press to suddenly figure everything out. In fact, you will spend some days running in the direction of your dreams, and others just floating. You will rise with purpose and joy one minute, and in the next you’ll compare yourself to the people around you, wondering why you haven’t found love, found security, found your ‘place’ on your terms.

Honestly, though, I hope your journey isn’t easy. And not because I hold negativity towards you, not because I am bitter or don’t care—it’s the opposite. I hope you struggle sometimes because in struggling you will learn resilience. I hope life doesn’t come easy to you every second because that will help you find your identity, and learn to not give up on your dreams.

You will be knocked down, but I hope you rise again. I hope you close your eyes, re-center, and trust that the circumstances of the present will not dictate where you go next.

In the hardest moments, I hope you find faith in something bigger than yourself. And when you don’t believe you have the strength to continue, I hope you reach out to someone to guide you back onto your feet.

I pray you find your wings when you least expect them, that they form through the toughest, thickest skin and open to the sky. I hope they come bursting through your flesh in all their grandeur, reminding you that sometimes the most powerful parts of you have been under the surface all this time.

Just when you think there’s nothing left for you to give, I pray that those wings lift, that they bolster you with courage, that they help you rise. I hope they give you the ability to smile again, to move forward, and to try just one more time.

There is a purpose for you, here. There is something that only you were meant to do, some part of this life that is special and unique—just as you are.

I know it feels like you’ve been chasing this fleeting feeling forever. I know you’re discouraged when you compare yourself, foolishly believing that you don’t measure up. At the end of the day, I know I can’t make you see yourself the way I see you—your power, your beauty, your heart. But I just pray you’ll one day recognize what’s beating within you. I pray that one day you’ll find your wings, and fly.

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