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What I’m Reading This Week (4/28)

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From defining ‘success’ and whether there’s one set definition of being a feminist, to grief and dating trends, this collection of reading materials (articles/essays/publications) stuck with me in terms of content, though-provoking message, or topic. I love that reading other work not only teaches me and keeps me updated with the world, but also inspires me and my own writing.

Here’s my list, feel free to comment below!

1. This essay on the Handmaiden’s Tale.

“While many have praised the book’s feminist themes, none have noticed that the Hulu adaptation highlights Atwood’s special warning intended for women writers, historians, artists, and documentarians. In a patriarchal society turned radical and violent, a woman’s voice will be stifled by taking away the written word.”

Which serves as an important commentary on the connections between feminist literature from the past and today’s society. Have you seen this? I still have yet to check it out (I know, I suck). What are your thoughts?

2. This clapback piece about a woman not attending the Women’s March.

“I get it. You want to feel empowered. You don’t want to believe you’re oppressed. Because that would mean you are indeed a “second-class citizen.” You don’t want to feel like one. I get it. But don’t worry. I will walk for you. I will walk for your daughter. And your daughter’s daughter. And maybe you will still believe the world did not change. You will believe you’ve always had the rights you have today. And that’s okay. Because women who actually care and support other women don’t care what you think about them. They care about their future and the future of the women who come after them.” —Dina Leygerman

This is a response to the original Facebook post by Brandi Goings Atkinson. I would love to hear people’s thoughts on this (especially women). I personally am taking away one thing – we each need to check our privilege. We are all entitled to our opinions, beliefs, ideas…but we must also be aware of how these personal beliefs etc. may not consider others in a way that (especially today!) is absolutely necessary.

3. This article where 20 different women share 20 different perspectives on ‘success.’

This one resonated with me the most; which sticks out to you? Isn’t it crazy that we can have so many different perspectives and yet, still find success within our personal lives and beliefs? #foodforthought

4. This ridiculous article on ‘orbiting’ because apparently that’s a new dating trend.

So I guess ‘orbiting’ is when you keep someone within your sphere of interest, (aka stalk their social media, send them Snapchats etc.) but don’t actually contact them or ask them out on a date. 🙄 Annoying. (As if contemporary dating could more confusing lol.)

5. This powerful collection of stories on grief and loss to help you heal.

The most heart wrenching line: “Grieving is the last way we get to love people.”

What about you? Have you read anything interesting this week?

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