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ease your pup's stress this fourth of july

Happy Howliday: How To Ease Your Pup’s Stress This Fourth Of July

When summer rolls around, everyone’s all about the ice-pops and sand toys, sunscreen, and watermelon. The last thing on anyone’s mind is stress or fear around the sunny season—unless you’re the owner of an anxious pup.

Every Fourth of July, pets across the United States experience extreme fear and anxiety due to the holiday fireworks. Many dogs hide, scratch, howl, or worse—run away. In fact, according to the ASPCA, July 4th is the biggest day for pet disappearances every single year.

But, thankfully, there are options.

From configuring your home set-up to indulging in anxiety-reducing dog treats by Heavenly Hounds, here are a few ways you can ease your pup’s stress this Fourth of July. Read More