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happy cat with Skoon litter

Pandemic Pets (Cat Edition): The Litter You Can’t Live Without

If the pandemic has taught us one thing—okay, let’s be honest, we’ve learned A LOT over the past year/year and a half—but when it comes to our living spaces, proximity brings about an awareness that we perhaps didn’t have before. For some of us, this is the realization that our partners are actually pretty annoying during the workday. For others, we’ve recognized that trying to work from home with kids is almost impossible. And for those of us who are owners of furry friends, we’ve recognized that our pets’ bathroom habits and *smells* are less than ideal.

If you’re a cat owner, you know what I mean.

But, there’s a solution—and it’s eco-friendly, non-clumping, AND comes with a 100% odor-control guarantee! Enter Skoon. Read More