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What I’m Reading This Week (4/14)

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From Twitter feeds to articles on being less risky in decision making, from #feminist thinkpieces to stories about millennials and their plants, these are the quotes, excerpts, articles, thoughts, images and ideas that grabbed my attention this week.

“What I’m Reading This Week,” is a collection of quotes, excerpts, articles, thoughts, images and ideas I’ve stumbled across in the last seven days, organized for your browsing pleasure. 😊 Here’s where you can find additional weeks.

If anything interests, excites, frustrates, confuses you, etc. feel free to leave a comment below and we can talk! (Love hearing from all of you!)

1. This interesting piece on taking less risks.

“Because by playing the long game and making “safe” and smart decisions, I know I will be able to innovate in bigger ways in the long run, and have greater impact, affecting millions of girls and women in the best possible ways—all over the world.”
— Saundra Pelletier, CEO of Evofem Biosciences and a co-founder of the Tryst Network

This was a good read for me because I’ve lived on the principle that risk=taking is positive, not negative. Hearing an opposite side made me question some of the risks I might be taking, or advocating others to take.

2. This Forbes list of empowering women, who remind me of the inherent #girlpower within each of us.

The future is female.

3. Damn. This Twitter thread describing women like male poets would.

The thing is, it’s humorous…and yet, incredible awful/sexist at the same time. I have mixed feelings, but mostly I’m glad this is being put out there. I think people need to read/know/understand/stop.

Can’t get enough? Here’s the (hilariously) savage chart for figuring out your poetic lines.

4. This piece about plant-loving millennials.

“Wellness-minded millennials, especially ones in large urban environments that lack natural greenery, are opting to fill their voids — both decorative and emotional — with houseplants.”

Yup, guilty as charged.

5. This thought-provoking piece on what a world designed by women would look like


6. This article praising FNC (Friday Night Chores)

Something I would never think of in a million years…but surprisingly not a bad idea.

What about you? Read anything interesting this week?
Have any thoughts on what’s listed above? Comment!

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