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What It Means To Be A Strong Woman

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1. She is imperfect and empowered.

A strong woman is not perfect, and doesn’t try to be. She knows that she has failures and faults, but doesn’t make these her definition. She embraces the parts of herself that need to be worked on, but does not stay stagnant. She is continually growing, yet believes in who she is and is becoming.

2. She is soft, but not fragile.

She is not harsh, does not keep people at arm’s length. Sometimes she is strong and fierce; sometimes she is delicate and soft. But she is not weak or fragile. She can hold her own and stand on her two feet, but she lets people into her heart willingly. She loves, cares, and gives without losing herself.

3. She is not fearless, but battles what she’s afraid of.

A strong woman is not fearless. She is human, and has things that frighten her, but at the end of the day she proudly faces these difficult moments with open arms. She may not be aggressive in her approach; in fact, she may be tender and patient. But she moves forward into the unknown in order to grow because she knows she is resilient enough to fight whatever comes her way.

4. She is both quiet and loud.

Sometimes she is the hurricane, loud and wild, leaving a storm in her wake. Sometimes she is the gentle breeze that comforts. She is never one without the other—always two beautiful sides of the same soul. She is not predictable, but not chaotic either. She is quiet and loud, tender and bold—and regardless, a force to be reckoned with.

5. She knows who she is, and yet still searches to grow.

A strong woman is confident in her own way. She may walk with her head high and her feet firmly planted, or she may move slowly, her silent eyes fixed to the ground. Regardless of the way she carries herself, she knows who she is. And yet, she is always continuing forward, desperate to learn and to grow. She does not stay still.

6. She listens to herself, but values the words of others.

Her voice may be the low whisper or the loud cry, but regardless she is guided by it, listens to it, and inspires others with it. And still, she knows the value of listening to others and does so willingly. Above all else, she does not let her voice drown others.

7. She is resilient in her own ways.

Despite what she’s gone through, she still stands tall. She might carry herself with the bold strength of an oak tree, or the humble pride of a willow—either way, she displays her own sense of power and grace. No matter what life throws her way, she finds a way to fight through.

8. She is centered on what she believes.

Whether she is in the front lines screaming, or the brains behind the scenes, she is proud of what she believes and does not waver. A strong woman is centered on her truth, whatever that may be, and is not quick to let anyone change her mind.

9. She listens to her heart.

A strong woman is filled with love and light for the things she cares about. She drips with passion, bringing her affection and care into everything she touches. When it comes to relationships, to jobs, to hobbies, to her daily life, she is guided by her mind but most importantly her heart. She allows herself to be led both by what she knows, and feels.

10. She is every woman.

A ‘strong woman’ is inherently every woman on this earth. Take any woman—she is strong in her own ways—in her gentleness, in her wildness, in her patience, in her pride. Each woman has a unique sense of being, an identity that is powerful and perfectly hers. To label one woman as strong is to label each woman in her own way. Each is capable. Each is worthy. Each is making an impact on this world.

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