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5 Life Hacks For Beach Bums

I’ve always loved the beach. Growing up in Chicago, I spent my summers daydreaming about living in a place where the waves could actually roll in bigger than the ones in Lake Michigan. I would lay out on North Avenue ‘Beach’ and pretend I was where the weather felt like summer all the time. I was a beach bum at heart. And finally, years later, I chased my dream of living by the ocean. Now I live in Southern California, less than 100 feet from the water. If I sit quietly outside in the dead of night, I can hear the waves crashing into the shore. I have a permanent towel bag tucked over the bench chair in my backyard filled with sunscreen, my favorite beach reads, and an extra pair of flip flops. And my hair always smells faintly of salt water. There are certain things you learn when you live by the ocean, tips and tricks to make your life easier. As summer comes around—regardless of whether you live by the ocean, or …