35 Best Sports Quotes To Motivate The Hell Out Of You

As a young athlete, I wanted nothing more than to read every inspirational quote I came across. I wanted to save them, write them on note cards and tape them to the inside of my locker and bathroom mirror. I wanted to decorate my binder with them, pick the best quote about sports for the back of our team t-shirt. Finding something that defined my experience made me feel both understood, and empowered. And to know other athletes felt the same way reminded me—even on the toughest days—why I kept going.

Whether you were an athlete, raised or coached one, cheered on a sibling or friends from the stands, or attended games in your boldest and brightest spirit wear, the love of sports is within you. It’s within each of us.

You don’t have to be playing to understand the grit of dirt under your fingernails, the smell of fresh popcorn mixed with sweat, or the crazy up and down of emotions as the other team breaks away with the ball. Whether you came to this page for motivation, for nostalgia, or to reflect back on the way the game has changed your life, here are 35 of the best quotes about to remind you how the passion will never die. Continue reading

Thinking About Dating A College Athlete? Here’s 15 Things You Need To Know About Us

1. You don’t need to be ripped…necessarily…but you should know what a gym is, and have at least stepped in one once or twice.

2. You need to have a basic understanding of our sport. AKA: Basketball = shooting a BALL in a HOOP and it’s called a BASKET. (Not a goal.
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