Why I Write?

When the apartment is quiet,
when I’m afraid and alone
and morning is peeking
from between the clouds,
my words overwhelm me.
What I truly need to say lost
in voices and whispered regrets
of what I wish I hadn’t spoken.
I can not be honest with my mouth.
When I make these sounds,
these apologies with words,
the message is lost.
“I love yous” are moments passing.
“I’m sorrys” are not definitive.
Time keeps moving, does not stop,
for making memories.
But writing, regardless of pen or pencil,
cannot be erased.
Thoughts are pressed on paper,
etched into one’s heart
with power that is not forgotten,
a strength that surpasses
what is spoken out loud.
So I write for remembrance
of all that I am
and all that I couldn’t say.


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