So What Does Self-Care Actually Mean? (And Other Reads)

Self-care has been the focus of my week. From learning how to let go of things I can’t control, to finding peace when I can’t possibly complete every item on my to-do list, I’m learning that self-care is about appreciating who I am and pushing myself (in a healthy way!!) to do more.

This week’s reads are about self-care and other essential topics. Hopefully they can make you think, move, and be inspired.

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Why Are We Always Tired? (And Other Incredibly Introspective Articles)

Hello all! I’ve decided that I’m revamping this reading list section of my blog to be of more value to the readers. Previously I was collecting articles I resonated with and simply pulling quotes I liked. Now I am digging deeper, providing my thoughts in conjunction with takeaways + quotes because as creators, our goal is to really dissect what we’re absorbing and make value of it in our own lives.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey of introspection, connection, and commentary on what really matters. And please, feel free to catch up on the other weeks and leave comments as you see fit.

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Understanding Perspectives Outside Our Own: Reflections On Immigration & Identity Poetry

Something that I try to challenge myself with every week, is reading content that I don’t normally absorb on a typical day—meaning when I’m focused on love and relationship essays, I try to read about tech and design, or when I’m deep into commerce writing, I try to switch things up with poetry, etc.

This week, the focus was poetry and immigration, two seemingly unrelated topics, but both that forced me to take a deeper look at myself and how I must strive, every single day, to listen to and learn about perspectives outside my own.

Here’s a short collection of what I’ve stumbled upon, and what shook me to the core this week. Continue reading