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honoring your inner witch, girl with hat looking into sky

Honoring Your Inner Witch: A Girl’s Guide To Self-Care

Over the last month I’ve been reading a book on honoring your inner witch. As an avid Feminist, self-love advocate, and emotional writer, I support anything that has to do with understanding who we are as humans, and the way we work. Though I’ve grown up in the Christian faith, I live in a Southern California beach town where oils, herbs, yoga, and meditation are common. Thus, I’ve built my life to exist in openness and harmony with all forms of spirituality. The rituals we practice and the beliefs we hold about who we are in relation to the universe are, at the core, very similar—regardless of our faith or religion. And that’s what drew me to this book, Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft by Gabriela Herstik, in the first place. Being a ‘witch’ is not about carrying a broom and casting crazy spells, but about unleashing your strength. It’s about harnessing your energy, and opening yourself to the universe in both acceptance and love. It’s about feeling and celebrating what …