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This Is How An Athlete Will Love You Differently

happy couple this is how an athlete will love you differently

An athlete is a different breed. A mix of passion, energy, spark, and dedication, a relationship with us will be different (and perhaps even intimidating). This is how an athlete will love you differently:

1. We are incredibly dedicated.

We are fiercely loyal to our sports, our teammates, and our games. sometimes to a fault. We’ve learned the art of our game. We’ve perfected and put in countless hours to get where we are. That dedication is inherent within us, and when it comes to love, there is no difference.

2. We are passionate.

The game has taught us this. From hours of practice to day after day in the gym, we’ve learned that when you love something (or someone), you give 110%.

3. We’re used to tough love.

We’re used to coaches and parents who push us to our limits. And we’re our own worst critics. Tough love has helped us fight through obstacles and made us successful. But sometimes this makes us a little rough around the edges. Be patient with us, please.

4. We will push you to be the best version of yourself.

For years we’ve set goals and worked tirelessly to achieve them. We’ve faced bad days, hard days, sore days, sad days, and almost-give-up days, but we’ve pushed through. And we love you, so we’ll push you, too.

5. We aren’t afraid to take responsibility for our shortcomings.

We’ve carried our teams on our backs, and we’ve carried the weight of our mistakes, too. We’ll be the first to apologize when we’re not on our ‘A-game’ because that’s what it means to be a part of a team. And our relationships are no different; you are the other half to our team.

6. We don’t quit.

On you, on the relationship, or in an argument.

7. We can be emotional at times.

Contrary to the belief that athletes are emotionless and stoic, we’re probably the most sensitive people you’ll meet. An athlete will love you differently by being transparent with his or her emotions. We invest our talent and heart into our sports (and our love lives).

8. Sometimes we get lost in our own heads.

We over-think. We spent time contemplating our actions, our mistakes, our goals. We think about how we could improve, how we could have done better. Sometimes this obsessive thinking gets the better of us, or roots us in place. Understand that this is how we’re wired, and at the core, the self-reflection is a good thing (within reason of course).

9. We’re not always the best at admitting our faults.

We have game faces and we wear them proudly. Yes, when you get beyond the surface you’ll discover the soft parts of us. But sometimes we hide that so we won’t appear ‘weak.’ Although we can and will admit our wrongs, sometimes it takes a bit to get there. Sometimes we’d rather push back against you than share what we’re afraid or embarrassed by.

10. We need a relationship with energy.

We’re always going full-throttle. From practices, to games, to everything in-between, our lives are often in fast-forward (which is good and bad). We need someone who understands this about us, and isn’t always at odds, forcing us to slow down. We love the energy of movement, and although we’ll benefit from slowing down with you, we need you to understand that this is how we thrive.

11. We will expect you to do your part.

Love is just like a game; we expect to be met halfway in effort, passion, trust, and care.

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