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10 Annoying Questions You Get Post-Graduation

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After graduating from college, I was hell-bent on saving as much money as possible before heading out into the ‘real world.’ For months, I had a vision: I was going to move to the West Coast. I was going to start completely new. But in the months preceding that move, I was constantly questioned (and sometimes downright rudely).

Whether you’re living in your college town post-graduation or still figuring out the next step in your journey, here are ten of the most annoying questions you’ll undoubtedly face amidst your transition.

1. “You’re still here?”

Yes. I’m still here. I’m alive. I’m breathing. Working. Being productive.

2. “Wait, what are you doing here?”

Actually, I have a job. I’m saving money. I’m starting my life. I’m doing what normal people do.

3. “So what year are you again?”

Ugh. This is the worst question to get post-graduation. Another reminder that you look like a teenager and that all the years run together. (This question is even worse if it comes from a family member!)

4. “Coming to the party at ___’s tonight?”

Eh… (you stall while you consider whether or not you should and then realize that you probably don’t have anything better to do since all your friends moved away).

5. “Didn’t you, like, already graduate?”

Sigh. Yes. (This is often followed up with Question #1).

6. “Do you…actually live here?”

No, I thought I’d just drive back from my hometown over 400 miles away to get groceries. (Or even better: No, I thought I’d come back to visit this glorious place. Just can’t get enough of the college life!!!)

7. “Where are you from again?”

This question gets me every time. Are you asking where my home-home is? Like my hometown? (This is often followed up by Question $5. And then probably #2, too.)

8. “What are you still doing here?”

This question is similar to #2, but for people who are blunter and frankly, interrogational. Your response? Bore them to death with an in-depth rundown of your job description as payback. Hey, they asked.

9. “Woah, I never thought I’d see you post-graduation.”

If you’re trying to be polite but get the heck out of there, respond with: “Yeah, so crazy right?!” Then back away. If the person is nice, or attractive (aka semi potential dating material), then say: “Ah! Me either! We should get together sometime.” Then stand there nervously, waiting for a reply.

10. “Wait, how old are you?”

Sigh. (This is usually followed up by #5.)

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